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Third Party Funding

Third Party Funding


Third Party Funding

Law, Economics and Policy

Gian Marco Solas, Omni Bridgeway, The Netherlands

ISBN: 9781108497749 (Hardcover)
Publicado: November 2019
Páginas: 362

In Third Party Funding, Gian Marco Solas, for the first time, describes third party funding (TPF) as stand-alone practice within the wider litigation and legal services’ markets. The book reports on legal issues related to TPF in both common law and civil law jurisdictions, and in the international context. It then discusses the incentives and economics of TPF transactions in different legal contexts while explaining how the practice emerged and how it is likely to develop. In addition, the book offers practical insights into TPF transactions and analyzes a number of regulatory proposals that could affect its use and desirability. This work should be read by scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and anyone else interested in how TPF is changing the practice of law.


List of abbreviations
1. Introduction
Part I. A Comparative Overview:
2. An historical overview
3. Third party funding: a comparative legal and factual overview
Part II. An Economic Analysis:
4. The emergence of the litigation market and third party funding
5. An economic analysis of third party funding
6. Social impact of third party funding
Part III. Contractual, Regulatory and Policy Considerations:
7. Third party funding transactions and related proceedings
8. Regulation of third party funding and other policy issues
9. Conclusions


Gian Marco Solas, Omni Bridgeway, The Netherlands
Gian Marco Solas is Legal and Business Development Counsel at Omni Bridgeway. He is an Italian lawyer with several years working experience in national and international law firms, in different businesses and in the EU institutions. He holds an LL.M. in European Law and a joint Ph.D. with thesis on the law and economics of Third Party Funding.

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