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cover isq 64 3

International Studies Quarterly – Volume 64, Issue 3, September 2020

cover isq 64 3

International Studies Quarterly

Volume 64, Issue 3, September 2020

ISSN: 0020-8833, EISSN: 1468-2478

International Studies Quarterly (ISQ) is the flagship journal of the International Studies Association. It seeks to publish leading scholarship that engages with significant theoretical, empirical, and normative subjects in international studies. More detailed information about the journal’s guidelines and policies is available here.


Do Walls Work? The Effectiveness of Border Barriers in Containing the Cross-Border Spread of Violent Militancy
Christopher Linebarger, Alex Braithwaite

The Idea of Terror: Institutional Reproduction in Government Responses to Political Violence
Anna A Meier

When Prospective Leader Turnover Promotes Peace
Robert Schub

Stall Wars: When Do States Fight to Hold onto the Status Quo?
William Spaniel, Peter Bils, Gleason Judd

The Micro-Foundations of the Resource Curse: Mineral Ownership and Local Economic Well-Being in Sub-Saharan Africa
Tim Wegenast, Arpita Asha Khanna, Gerald Schneider

Swinging Shale: Shale Oil, the Global Oil Market, and the Geopolitics of Oil
Inwook Kim

Productive Pacifists: The Rise of Production-Oriented States and Decline of Profit-Motivated Conquest
Jonathan N Markowitz, Suzie Mulesky, Benjamin A T Graham, Christopher J Fariss

Emotional Labor and the Power of International Bureaucrats
Deepak Nair

The Polysemy of Security Community-Building: Toward a “People-Centered” Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)?
Stéphanie Martel

The Domestic Impact of International Standards
Rebecca L Perlman

Demanding Truth: The Global Transitional Justice Network and the Creation of Truth Commissions
Kelebogile Zvobgo

Why International Organizations Commit to Liberal Norms
Jonas Tallberg, Magnus Lundgren, Thomas Sommerer, Theresa Squatrito

The Normative Grammar of Relational Analysis: Recognition Theory’s Contribution to Understanding Short-Comings in IR’s Relational Turn
Martin Weber

Contestation before Compliance: History, Politics, and Power in International Humanitarian Law
Helen M Kinsella, Giovanni Mantilla

The Practices of Evaluating Entitlements: Rethinking “Reputation” in International Politics
Sasikumar S Sundaram

Community-Level Postmaterialism and Anti-Migrant Attitudes: An Original Survey on Opposition to Sub-Saharan African Migrants in the Middle East
Matt Buehler, Kristin E Fabbe, Kyung Joon Han

Imagined Insecurities in Imagined Communities: Manufacturing the Ethnoreligious Others as Security Threats
Michael Intal Magcamit

Monitoring via the Courts: Judicial Oversight and Police Violence in India
Shengkuo Hu, Courtenay R Conrad

Ethnic and Gender Hierarchies in the Crucible of War
Kaitlyn Webster, Priscilla Torres, Chong Chen, Kyle Beardsley

The Struggle for Minds and Influence: The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Outreach
Christine Hackenesch, Julia Bader

Why Governments Have Their Troops Trained Abroad: Evidence from Latin America
Adam Scharpf

Do Donor Motives Matter? Investigating Perceptions of Foreign Aid in the Conflict in Donbas
Ala’ Alrababa’h, Rachel Myrick, Isaac Webb

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