viernes, mayo 24, 2024

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Adopting Resolution, General Assembly Reaffirms Role of Sport in Promoting Sustainable Development, Reconciliation in Strife-Torn Areas

GUIDO CRILCHUK (Argentina), highlighting the crucial work Brazil was doing when organizing the 2016 Games in the countries’ region, said that much had been said about how sports could play a key role. The Olympic spirit showed how sport could help build a better world. There was recognition of the importance of sport in the 2030 Agenda. In the past decade, Argentina had worked on a concept of sport as a way to promote social inclusion. As members of the Assembly knew, Buenos Aires had been chosen for the holding of the third Olympic Youth Summer Games in 2018. By adopting the resolution before it, the Assembly continued sending a message of peace and goodwill to inhabitants of the world. Argentina called on everybody to observe the Olympic Truce.

Recognizing the potential of sport as a valuable tool in the achievement of peace and development, the General Assembly today adopted a resolution reaffirming its use to promote dialogue and reconciliation in areas of conflict during and after the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Further to that text, adopted without a …

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