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Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations - Volume 26 (2020): Issue 1 (Apr 2020)

Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations – Volume 27 (2021): Issue 1 (Feb 2021)

Print ISSN: 1075-2846, Online ISSN: 1942-6720

Global Governance showcases the expertise of leading scholars and practitioners concerned with the processes of international cooperation and multilateralism. The result is a provocative exploration of the most pressing transnational challenges of our time—issues of peace and security, development, human rights, the environment, and health among them—presenting groundbreaking research, opinion pieces, and book reviews.

The editors and distinguished editorial board are committed to producing a rigorously refereed journal reflecting a wide range of disciplinary and global perspectives.

2018 Impact Factor: 1.414
5 Year Impact Factor: 1.656

Global Governance is published in association with the Academic Council on the United Nations System ( ACUNS).


Beyond the Veto
Roles in UN Security Council Decision-Making
Author: Jess Gifkins

Brazil’s Role in Latin America’s Regionalism
Unilateral and Lonely International Engagement
Authors: Javier A. Vadell and Clarisa Giaccaglia

An Intrastate Approach to the Withdrawal from International Organizations
The Case of Brazil and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Author: Michelle Morais de Sa e Silva

Understanding Regime Complexes through a Practice Lens
Repertoires of Interorganizational Practices in Global Health
Authors: Thurid Bahr, Anna Holzscheiter, and Laura Pantzerhielm

Challenges to Global Health Governance from the International Trade in Organ Transplants
Time for a New Model?
Author: Irene Langran

Who Controls Multilateral Development Finance?
Author: Rebecca Ray

Corporate Governance and the Environmental Politics of Shipping
Authors: Justin Alger, Jane Lister, and Peter Dauvergne

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