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China's National Security

China’s National Security

China’s National Security

Endangering Hong Kong’s Rule of Law?

Editor(s): Cora Chan, Fiona de Londras

ISBN: 9781509928156
Publicado: 05-03-2020
Páginas: 368

All states are challenged by the need to protect national security while maintaining the rule of law, but the issue is particularly complex in the China–Hong Kong context.

This timely and important book explores how China conceives of its national security and the position of Hong Kong. It considers the risks of introducing national security legislation in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong’s sources of resilience against encroachments on its rule of law that may come under the guise of national security. It points to what may be needed to maintain Hong Kong’s rule of law once China’s 50-year commitment to its autonomy ends in 2047.

The contributors to this book include world-renowned scholars in comparative public law and national security law. The collection covers a variety of disciplines and jurisdictions, and both scholarly and practical perspectives to present a forward-looking analysis on the rule of law in Hong Kong. It illustrates how Hong Kong may succeed in resisting pressure to advance China’s security interests through repressive law. Given China’s growing international stature, the book’s reflections on China’s approach to security have much to tell us about its potential impact on the global political, security, and economic order.


1. Introduction: China’s National Security in Hong Kong: A Challenge for Constitutionalism, Autonomy and the Rule of Law
Cora Chan and Fiona de Londras
2. Hong Kong in China: The Project of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ and the Question of National Security
Albert HY Chen
3. China’s Imperatives for National Security Legislation
Hualing Fu
4. Belief in the Rule of Law and its Resilience in the Hong Kong Political Identity
Wai-Man Lam
5. Rule of Law Resilience: Comparative Perspectives from Macau
Paulo Cardinal
6. One Country, Two National Security Systems
Lin Feng

7. Administrative Law as a Modest Guardian of the Rule of Law
Swati Jhaveri
8. Twilight of the Idolised: Backsliding in Hong Kong’s Legal and Judicial Cultures
Pui-Yin Lo
9. The Legislature as a ‘Vetogate’
Margaret Ng
10. Popular Civil Society Resistance and the Survival of Hong Kong: A Clash of Civilisations
Michael C Davis
11. Gentle into that Good Night? Sources of Resilience in Hong Kong’s Politico-Legal Culture
Surabhi Chopra

12. Old Law in New Bottles: Reintroducing National Security Legislation in Hong Kong
Simon NM Young
13. Article 23 of the Hong Kong Basic Law: International Law and Institutions as Sources of Resilience
Carole J Petersen
14. Maintaining Institutional Strength: The Court, the Act of State and the Rule of Law
Johannes Chan
15. Building Rule of Law Resilience Th rough Institutions: A Proposed Institutional Infrastructure for National Security Legislation
Cora Chan and Fiona de Londras
16. Unpalatable Realities and Hard Choices
Danny Gittings
17. Conclusion: Security, Economy, Politics: The Chinese Agenda
Yash Ghai and Jill Cottrell Ghai


Cora Chan

Cora Chan is Associate Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong

Fiona de Londras

Fiona de Londras is Professor of Global Legal Studies at the University of Birmingham.

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