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Nordic Journal of International Law - Volume 88 (2019): Issue 2 (Apr 2019)

Nordic Journal of International Law – Volume 88 (2019): Issue 2 (Apr 2019)


Nordic Journal of International Law

Volume 88 (2019): Issue 2 (Apr 2019)

Print ISSN: 0902-7351, ISSN: 1571-8107

Acta scandinavica juris gentium

Established in 1930, the Nordic Journal of International Law has remained the principal forum in the Nordic countries for the scholarly exchange on legal development in the international and European domains. Combining broad thematic coverage with rigorous quality demands, it aims to present current practice and its theoretical reflection within the different branches of international law.

The Nordic Journal of International Law features:
• an Editorial Board selected from among the most prominent scholars and practitioners in the field of international law in the Nordic countries of Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark;
• a diverse range of peer-reviewed articles;
• annual reports on state practice in the Nordic region;
• an annual report on the work of the International Law Commission;
• special issues on current topics;
• regular book reviews; and,
• periodic updates on key developments and events in Nordic and international practice.

The strength of its editorial board and the resulting quality and variety of the features and articles offered make this well-established journal an important component in a complete international law library.


Life on the Border: Dealing with Territorial Violations of the Demilitarised and Neutralised Zone of the Åland Islands
By: Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark, Tatu Hyttinen and Pirjo Kleemola-Juntunenc

Is Provisional Application on the Rise in International Investment Agreements? The European Union’s Recent Treaty Practice and the Curious Case of Von Pezold
By: William Joseph Simonsick

Remedies Available against Asylum Decisions and Deportation Orders in Turkey: An Assessment in View of European Law and the European Convention on Human Rights
By: Meltem Ineli-Ciger

Reciprocal Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in China: Promising Developments, Prospective Challenges and Proposed Solutions
By: Jie (Jeanne) Huang

States’ Varied Compliance with International Anti-money Laundering Standards for Legal Professionals
By: Nathanael Tilahun Ali

The Oxford Handbook on the Sources of International Law, edited by Samantha Besson and Jean d’Aspremont
By: P. Sean Morris

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