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Human Rights Quarterly - Volume 43, Number 2, May 2021

Human Rights Quarterly – Volume 43, Number 2, May 2021

Human Rights Quarterly - Volume 43, Number 2, May 2021

Human Rights Quarterly

Volume 43, Number 2, May 2021

ISSN: 0275-0392

Human Rights Quarterly (HRQ) is widely recognized as the leader in the field of human rights. For more than a quarter of a century, HRQ has published articles by experts from around the world writing for the specialist and non-specialist alike. The Quarterly provides up-to-date information on important developments within the United Nations and regional human rights organizations, both governmental and non-governmental. It presents current work in human rights research and policy analysis, reviews of related books, and philosophical essays probing the fundamental nature of human rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. HRQ has been nominated for the prestigious National Magazine Award for reporting.


Viral Violence: Infectious Disease and Genocide
Payam Akhavan

The Scope and Implications of the International Criminal Court’s Jurisdictional Decision over the Rohingya Crisis
Yuzuki Nagakoshi

Relocating Floating Communities in Cambodia: Kampong Chhnang
Rhona Smith

Against Essentialism in Conceptions of Human Rights and Human Nature
Benjamin Gregg

Despite or Because of Contestation? How Water Became a Human Right
Nina Reiners

Bioarchaeological Ethics and Considerations for the Deceased
Jayne-Leigh Thomas, Krystiana L. Krupa

“I Want to Move Forward. You Can Move Forward too.” Articulating Indigenous Self-Determination at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
Karine Vanthuyne

Ending Sexual Harassment at Work: Creating a Baseline on Laws in 193 Countries
Amy Raub, Vahe Khachadourian, Elizabeth Wong, Aleta Sprague, Milad Pournik, Jody Heymann

Book Reviews
Argentina Betrayed: Memory, Mourning, and Accountability by Antonius C.G.M. Robben (review)
Natasha Zaretsky Ph.D.

On the Right to Have Rights
Jordan David Thomas Walters

The UN Human Rights Council, a Practical Anatomy by Eric Tistounet (review)
Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro

The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Menstruation ed. by Chris Bobel et al. (review)
Elvira Domínguez Redondo

Human Rights in a Time of Populism: Challenges and Responses ed. by Gerald L. Neuman (review)
Andrew Fagan

Bitter Reckoning: Israel Tries Holocaust Survivors as Nazi Collaborators by Dan Porat (review)
John Hickman

Constitution-Making Under UN Auspices: Fostering Dependency in Sovereign Lands by Vijayashri Sripati (review)
Ilana Rothkopf

Faith, Gender and Activism in the Punjab Conflict: The Wheat Fields Still Whisper by Mallika Kaur (review)
Andreas E. Feldmann

Genocide Never Sleeps: Living Law at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda by Nigel Eltringham (review)
Franziska Boehme


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