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Declaration of ASEAN Concord

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the President of the Republic of the Philippines, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore and the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand :REAFFIRM their commitment to the Declarations of Bandung, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, and the Charter of the United Nations;ENDEAVOUR to promote peace, progress, prosperity and the welfare of the peoples of member states;UNDERTAKE to consolidate the achievements of ASEAN and expand ASEAN cooperation in the economic, social, cultural and political fields;DO HEREBY DECLARE:

ASEAN cooperation shall take into account, among others, the following objectives and principles in the pursuit of political stability :

    1. The stability of each member state and of the ASEAN region is an essential contribution to international peace and security. Each member state resolves to eliminate threats posed by subversion to its stability, thus strengthening national and ASEAN resilience.2. Member states, individually and collectively, shall take active steps for the early establishment of the Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality.3. The elimination of poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy is a primary concern of member states. They shall therefore intensify cooperation in economic and social development, with particular emphasis on the promotion of social justice and on the improvement of the living standards of their peoples.4. Natural disasters and other major calamities can retard the pace of development of member states. They shall extend, within their capabilities, assistance for relief of member states in distress.5. Member states shall take cooperative action in their national and regional development programmes, utilizing as far as possible the resources available in the ASEAN region to broaden the complementarity of their respective economies.6. Member states, in the spirit of ASEAN solidarity, shall rely exclusively on peaceful processes in the settlement of intra-regional differences.7. Member states shall strive, individually and collectively, to create conditions conducive to the promotion of peaceful cooperation among the nations of Southeast Asia on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit.8. Member states shall vigorously develop an awareness of regional identity and exert all efforts to create a strong ASEAN community, respected by all and respecting all nations on the basis of mutually advantageous relationships, and in accordance with the principles of selfdetermination, sovereign equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of nations.


The following programme of action as a framework for ASEAN cooperation.A. POLITICAL

    1. Meeting of the Heads of Government of the member states as and when necessary.2. Signing of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia.3. Settlement of intra-regional disputes by peaceful means as soon as possible.4. Immediate consideration of initial steps towards recognition of and respect for the Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality wherever possible.5. Improvement of ASEAN machinery to strengthen political cooperation.6. Study on how to develop judicial cooperation including the possibility of an ASEAN Extradition Treaty.7. Strengthening of political solidarity by promoting the harmonization of views, coordinating position and, where possible and desirable, taking common actions.


    • i) Member states shall assist each other by according priority to the supply of the individual ~country’s needs in critical circumstances, and priority to the acquisition of exports from member states, in respect of basic commodities, particularly food and energy.ii) Member states shall also intensify cooperation in the production of basic commodities particularly food and energy in the individual member states of the region.
      i) Member states shall cooperate to establish lae-scale ASEAN industrial plants particularly to meet regional requirements of essential commodities.ii) Priority shall be given to projects which utilize the available materials in the member states, contribute to the increase of food production, increase foreign exchange earnings or save foreign exchange and create employment.
      i) Member states shall cooperate in the fields of trade in order to promote development and growth of new production and trade and to improve the trade structures of individual states and among countries of ASEAN conducive to further development and to safeguard and increase their foreign exchange earnings and reserves.ii) Member states shall progress towards the establishment of preferential trading arrangements as a long term objective on a basis deemed to be at any particular time appropriate through rounds of negotiations subject to the unanimous agreement of member states.iii) The expansion of trade among member states shall be facilitated through cooperation on basic commodities, particularly in food and energy and through cooperation in ASEAN industrial projects.iv) Member states shall accelerate joint efforts to improve access to markets outside ASEAN for their raw material and finished products by seeking the elimination of all trade barriers in those markets, developing new usage for these products and in adopting common approaches and actions in dealing with regional groupings and individual economic powers.v) Such efforts shall also lead to cooperation in the field of technology and production methods in order to increase the production and to improve the quality of export products, as well as to develop new export products with a view to diversifying exports.
      i) The principle of ASEAN cooperation on trade shall also be reflected on a priority basis in joint approaches to international commodity problems and other world economic problems such as the reform of international trading system, the reform on international monetary system and transfer of real resources, in the United Nations and other relevant multilateral fora, with a view to contributing to the establishment of the New International Economic Order.ii) Member states shall give priority to the stabilisation and increase of export earnings of those commodities produced and exported by them through commodity agreements including bufferstock schemes and other means.
      i) formulate recommendations for the consideration of Governments of member states for the strengthening of ASEAN economic cooperation;ii) review the coordination and implementation of agreed ASEAN programmes and projects on economic cooperation;iii) exchange views and consult on national development plans and policies as a step towards harmonizing regional development; andiv) perform such other relevant functions as agreed upon by the member Governments.
  • 1. Cooperation on Basic Commodities, particularly Food and Energy 2. Industrial Cooperation3. Cooperation in Trade4. Joint Approach to International Commodity Problems and Other World Economic Problems5 . Machinery for Economic CooperationMinisterial meetings on economic matters shall be held regularly or as deemed necessary in order to :

C. SOCIAL1. Cooperation in the field of social development, with emphasis on the well being of the low-income
group and of the rural population, through the expansion of opportunities for productive employment with fair remuneration.2. Support for the active involvement of all sectors and levels of the ASEAN communities, particularly the women and youth, in development efforts.3. Intensification and expansion of existing cooperation in meeting the problems of population growth in the ASEAN region, and where possible, formulation of new strategies in collaboration with appropriate international agencies.4. Intensification of cooperation among members states as well as with the relevant international bodies in the prevention and eradication of the abuse of narcotics and the illegal trafficking of drugs.


    1. Introduction of the study of ASEAN, its member states and their national languages as part of the curricula of schools and other institutions of learning in the member states.2. Support of ASEAN scholars, writers, artists and mass media representatives to enable them to play an active role in fostering a sense of regional identity and fellowship.3. Promotion of Southeast Asian studies through closer collaboration among national institutes.

E. SECURITYContinuation of cooperation on a non-ASEAN basis between the member states in security matters in accordance with their mutual needs and interests.F. IMPROVEMENT OF ASEAN MACHINERY

    1. Signing of the Agreement on the Establishment of the ASEAN Secretariat.2. Regular review of the ASEAN organizational structure with a view to improving its effectiveness.3. Study of the desirability of a new constitutional framework for ASEAN.

DONE, at Denpasar, Bali, this Twenty-Fourth Day of February in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy-Six.

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