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Aerial Incident of 27 July 1955 (Israel v. Bulgaria) – International Court of Justice

INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE YEAR 1959 May 26th, 1959 CASE CONCERNING THE AERIAL INCIDENT OF JULY 27th, 1955 (ISRAEL v. BULGARIA) PRELIMINARY OBJECTIONS JUDGMENT Present: President Klaestad; Vice-President Zafrulla Khan; Judges Basdevant, Hackworth, Winiarski, Badawi, Armand-Ugon, Kojevnikov, Sir Hersch Lauterpacht, Moreno Quintana, Cordova, Wellington Koo, Spiro- poulos. Sir Percy Spender; …

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Aerial Incident of 7 October 1952 (United States of America v. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) – International Court of Justice

INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE REPORTS OF JUDGMENTS, ADVISORY OPINIONS AND ORDERS AERIAL INCIDENT OF OCTOBER 7th, 1952 (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS) ORDER OF MARCH 14th, 1956 Present: Vice-President Badawi, Acting President; President Hackworth ; JudgesBasdevant, Winiarski, Klaestad, Read, Hsu Mo, Armand-Ugon, Kojevnikov, Sir Muhammad …

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A. E. v. Switzerland

COMMITTEE AGAINST TORTURE A. E. v. Switzerland Communication No. 24/1995 2 May 1995 ADMISSIBILITY Submitted by: A. E. [name deleted] [represented by counsel] Alleged victim: The author State party: Switzerland Date of communication: 20 February 1995 The Committee against Torture, established under article 17 of the Convention against Torture and …

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Acquisition of Polish Nationality – Advisory Opinion of 15 September 1923 – Permanent Court of International Justice

SERIES B, No. 7. September 15th, 1923 COLLECTION OF ADVISORY OPINIONS ACQUISITION OF POLISH NATIONALITY. PERMANENT COURT OF INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE. THIRD SESSION Present: MM. Loder, President, Weiss, Vice-President, Lord Finlay, MM. Nyholm, de Bustamante, Altamira,  Judges, Oda, Anzilotti, Huber, M Wang, Deputy- Judge. ADVISORY OPINION No. 7. On July 7th, …

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Judgment of the Court (Fifth Chamber) of 31 March 1993. – A. Ahlström Osakeyhtiö and others v Commission of the European Communities. – Concerted practices between undertakings established in non-member countries affecting selling prices to purchasers established in the Community. – Joined cases C-89/85, C-104/85, C-114/85, C-116/85, C-117/85 and C-125/85 to C-129/85.

Keywords ++++ 1. Competition ° Administrative procedure ° Statement of objections ° Content required (Regulation No 17 of the Council, Art. 19(1); Regulation No 99/63 of the Commission, Art. 4) 2. Competition ° Agreements, decisions and concerted practices ° Concerted practice ° Concept ° Coordination and cooperation incompatible with the …

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