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International Journal of Constitutional Law - Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2021

International Journal of Constitutional Law – Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2021

International Journal of Constitutional Law - Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2021

International Journal of Constitutional Law

Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2021

ISSN: 1474-2640, EISSN: 1474-2659

Published in association with the New York University School of Law, I•CON is dedicated to advancing the study of international and comparative constitutional law in the broadest sense of the terms.

I•CON recognizes that the boundaries between the disciplines of “constitutional law”, “administrative law”, “international law” and their comparative variants have become increasingly porous. So too, there is no longer a distinct divide between law and political science. I•CON scholarship reflects and values this intellectual cross-fertilization.

I•CON‘s interests include not only fields such as Administrative Law, Global Constitutional Law and Global Administrative Law, but also scholarship that reflects both legal reality and academic perception; scholarship which, in dealing with the challenges of public life and governance, combines elements from all of these fields with a good measure of political theory and social science.

Featuring scholarly articles by international and constitutional legal scholars, judges, and people from related fields, such as economics, philosophy and political science, I•CON offers critical analysis of current issues, debates and global trends that carry constitutional implications.


Understanding Chile’s constitution-making procedure
Marcela Prieto, Sergio Verdugo

Afterword: Neil Walker and His Critics
The sovereignty deficit: Afterword to the Foreword by Neil Walker
Fleur Johns

Sovereignty’s rationale: Afterword to the Foreword by Neil Walker
George Duke

Surplus or surrender? Afterword to the Foreword by Neil Walker
Nicole Roughan

Democracy and sovereignty: Afterword to the Foreword by Neil Walker
Lucia Rubinelli

The sovereignty surplus: A rejoinder
Neil Walker

The rise of digital constitutionalism in the European Union
Giovanni De Gregorio

Micronations: A lacuna in the law
Harry Hobbs, George Williams

Critical Review of Governance
Recent engagement with international human rights norms by the courts of Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines
Melissa Loja

Critical Review of Jurisprudence
Judicial self-dealing and unconstitutional constitutional amendments in South Asia
Po Jen Yap, Rehan Abeyratne

Critical Review of Constitution-Making
The dual aversion of Chile’s constitution-making process
Sergio Verdugo, Marcela Prieto

Special Section: Game of Laws
Huehue constitutionalism
Fernando César Costa Xavier

Symposium: The PSPP Judgment of the Bundesverfassungsgericht
Why Weiss? The I•CON symposium: Preface
Joseph H H Weiler

European integration: Quo vadis? A critical commentary on the PSPP judgment of the German Federal Constitutional Court of May 5, 2020
Jürgen Basedow, Jan Dietze, Stefan Griller, Manuel Kellerbauer, Marcus Klamert …

Revolutions, real contradictions, and the method of resolving them: The relationship between the Court of Justice of the European Union and the German Federal Constitutional Court
Ulrich Haltern

Constitutional pluralism and loyal opposition
Tom Flynn

When and how to legally challenge economic globalization: A comment on the German Constitutional Court’s false promise
Karen J Alter

Proportionality and procedure of monetary policy-making
Stefanie Egidy

“It’s the political economy . . .!” A moment of truth for the eurozone and the EU
Marco Dani, Edoardo Chiti, Joana Mendes, Agustín José Menéndez, Harm Schepel …

Review Essays
Conceptual realism and imperial nostalgia in Chinese legal historiography
Lucas Brang

City, state: Reflecting on cities in (comparative) constitutional law
Erika Arban

Book Reviews
Hannah Birkenkötter, Review of Vijayashri Sripati, Constitution-Making Under UN Auspices: Fostering Dependency in Sovereign Lands.

Silvia Steininger, Review of Antje Wiener, Contestation and Constitution of Norms in Global International Relations

Eugénie Mérieau, Review of Takao Suami, Anne Peters, Dimitri Vanoverbeke, and Mattias Kumm, eds, Global Constitutionalism from European and East Asian Perspectives

Darshan Datar, Review of Myriam Hunter-Henin, Why Religious Freedom Matters for Democracy: Comparative Reflections from Britain and France for a Democratic “Vivre Ensemble.”

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