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African Journal of International and Comparative Law - Volume 29, Issue 2, May, 2021

African Journal of International and Comparative Law – Volume 29, Issue 2, May, 2021

ISSN: 0954-8890, EISSN: 1755-1609

The African Journal of International and Comparative Law re-started publication with EUP in 2005, with the approval of the African Society of International and Comparative Law. The eminent Editorial Board continues as previously, with members from international institutions in Geneva and from universities in Africa, the UK and the US. The journal continues its tradition of providing invaluable refereed material in both international and comparative law on a pan-African basis. It includes articles on public or private international law, either in English or French, as well as a section on recent developments relevant to the continent.


Why Electoral Reforms are Urgently Needed in Ghana
Maame A. S. Mensa-Bonsu

Committing Ghana to International Agreements: A Review of the Roles of Parliament and the President
Justice Srem-Sai

Application of Electricity Federalism in Nigeria: Drawing Inspiration from America
Eti Best Herbert

Judicial Challenges Facing the Islamic Finance Industry of Nigeria
Zakariya Mustapha, Sherin Kunhibava and Aishath Muneeza

The Implications of TRIPs ’ Criminal Provisions on Copyright Exception for Education in Ethiopia: A Critical Approach from a Human Rights Perspective
Sileshi B. Hirko

Self-Determination and the Southern Cameroons’ Quest for Sovereign Statehood
Carol Chi Ngang

Impact of TRIPs Agreement on Access to Immunosuppressant Drugs: Another Challenge in Kidney Transplantation and Treatment in Developing Countries
Oyeniyi Ajigboye and Ifeoluwa A. Olubiyi

September v. Subramoney and its Implications for Transgender Persons in South Africa
Rachel Sloth-Nielsen


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