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European Journal of International Law - Volume 31, Issue 3, August 2020

European Journal of International Law – Volume 31, Issue 3, August 2020

European Journal of International Law

European Journal of International Law

Volume 31, Issue 2, September 2020

ISSN: 0938-5428, EISSN: 1464-3596

The European Journal of International Law is firmly established as one of the world’s leading journals in its field. With its distinctive combination of theoretical and practical approaches to the issues of international law, the journal offers readers a unique opportunity to stay in touch with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving area. 

Each issue of the EJIL provides a forum for the exploration of the conceptual and theoretical dimensions of international law as well as for up-to-date analysis of topical issues.

Additionally, it is the only journal to provide systematic coverage of the relationship between international law and the law of the European Union and its Member States.


Editorial: The UK Taken in Adultery. Who Will Cast the First Stone?; A Modest Proposal on Zoom Teaching; In This Issue

Walking Back Human Rights in Europe?
Laurence R Helfer, Erik Voeten

Educating American Lawyers: The New Haven School’s Jurisprudence of Personal Character
Ríán Derrig

What’s Behind the WTO Crisis? A Marxist Analysis
Rémi Bachand

Provisional Application of Treaties: The EU’s Contribution to the Development of International Law
Merijn Chamon

Focus: Foreign Cyberattacks against Civilians
Diagonal Export Controls to Counter Diagonal Transnational Attacks on Civil Society
Herbert Lin, Joel Trachtman

Cyber Attribution: Technical and Legal Approaches and Challenges
Nicholas Tsagourias, Michael Farrell

Beyond Naming and Shaming: Accusations and International Law in Cybersecurity
Martha Finnemore, Duncan B Hollis

EJIL: Exchange!
A New League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? The Professionalization of International Law Scholarship in the Netherlands, 1919–1940
Henri de Waele

Marked Absences: Locating Gender and Race in International Legal History
Janne E Nijman

Roaming Charges: Visible Absences

EJIL: Debate
Negotiating the Illegal: On the United Nations and the Illegal Occupation of Palestine, 1967–2020
Ardi Imseis

Of Tactics, Illegal Occupation and the Boundaries of Legal Capability: A Reply to Ardi Imseis
David Hughes

Changing the Guards – Part III
Politics and Diplomacy: Lessons from Donald Tusk’s Time as President of the European Council
Sara Hagemann

Review Essays
The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and Post-Genocide Justice 25 Years On
Patryk I Labuda

On Financial Nationalism and International Law: Sovereignty, Cooperation and Hard/Soft Governance in International Finance
Leonardo Borlini

Book Reviews
Distant Justice: The Impact of the International Criminal Court on African Politics
Sophie Rigney

Narratives of Hunger in International Law: Feeding the World in Times of Climate Change
Ingo Venzke

World Trade and Investment Law Reimagined: A Progressive Agenda for an Inclusive Globalization
Ntina Tzouvala

Comparative Reasoning in International Courts and Tribunals
Jarrod Hepburn

The Crime of Aggression: A Commentary
Alexandre Skander Galand

The Last Page
Valentin Jeutner

Ver también

Nicolas Boeglin

Gaza / Israël : à propos de la déclaration de la Palestine reconnaissant la compétence de la CIJ et demandant à intervenir en l’affaire Afrique du Sud contre Israël

Nicolas Boeglin, professeur de droit international public, Faculté de droit, Université du Costa Rica (UCR). …