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International Law Gleider Hernandez

International Law


International Law

Gleider Hernandez

ISBN: 9780198748830 (Paperback)
Publicado: 08 June 2019
Páginas: 664

International Law presents a comprehensive yet student-focused approach to the subject, providing a contemporary and stimulating account of international law. With critical coverage delivered through a wide range of learning features, students are encouraged to engage with legal debates and controversies.

Online resources accompany this book, providing additional support for students.


Part I. The Structure of International Law
1. The history and nature of international law
2. The sources of international law
3. Hierarchy of norms in international law
4. International law and municipal law
Part II. Subjects of International Law
5. States as subjects of international law
6. International organizations
Part III. International Law in Operation
7. The law of treaties
8. Jurisdiction
9. Immunities
10. State responsibility
Part IV. International Disputes and Responses to Breaches
11. Diplomatic protection and issues of standing
12. International dispute settlement and the ICJ
13. Enforcement short of force in international law
14. Collective security and the use of force
Part V. Specialized Regimes
15. The law of armed conflict
16. International human rights and refugee law
17. International criminal law
18. The law of the sea
19. The protection of the environment
20. International economic law


Gleider Hernandez, Associate Professor in Public International Law, Durham University

Gleider Hernandez is Associate Professor in Public International Law at Durham Law School and founding Deputy Director of the Durham Global Policy Institute. He is also General Editor of Oxford Reports on International Courts of General Jurisdiction (Oxford Scholarship Online), and the author of The International Court of Justice and the Judicial Function (Oxford University Press), which was shortlisted for the 2014 Peter Birks Prize.

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