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European Journal of International Law - Volume 34, Issue 2, May 2023

European Journal of International Law – Volume 34, Issue 2, May 2023

European Journal of International Law - Volume 34, Issue 2, May 2023

European Journal of International Law

Volume 33, Issue 3, August 2022

ISSN: 0938-5428, EISSN: 1464-3596

The European Journal of International Law is firmly established as one of the world’s leading journals in its field. With its distinctive combination of theoretical and practical approaches to the issues of international law, the journal offers readers a unique opportunity to stay in touch with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving area. 

Each issue of the EJIL provides a forum for the exploration of the conceptual and theoretical dimensions of international law as well as for up-to-date analysis of topical issues.

Additionally, it is the only journal to provide systematic coverage of the relationship between international law and the law of the European Union and its Member States.


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This Issue – Reviews

Year-Long Symposium: Re-Theorizing International Organizations Law: Reconsiderations, Hidden Gems, and New Perspectives
Samuel Kwadwo Boaten Asante and the United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations (1975–1992)Get accessArrow
Kehinde Folake Olaoye

Small Powers, International Organizations and the Role of Law: Jorge Castañeda’s Views from Mexico
Francisco-José Quintana

Roaming Charges: Moments of Dignity: Washington Square, NYC
Roaming Charges Moments of Dignity: Washington Square, NYC

Wars of Recovery
Eliav Lieblich

Can Acta Jure Gestionis Be Attributable to the State? A Restrictive Doctrine of State Responsibility
Yohei Okada

Foreign Investors of the World, Unite! The International Association for the Promotion and Protection of Private Foreign Investments (APPI) 1958–1968Get accessArrow
Filip Batselé

The Future in the Past? The Replication of Existing Treaty Language in the Making of the ILC’s Draft Articles on Crimes against HumanityGet accessArrow
Bruno Biazatti

Between Asylum and Liberation: The New Palestinian RefugeesGet accessArrow
Itamar Mann

Book Reviews
Douglas Guilfoyle, Review of Ian Urbina, The Outlaw Ocean: Crime and Survival in the Last Untamed Frontier
Douglas Guilfoyle

Massimo Lando, Review of Lorenzo Palestini, La Protection des Intérêts Juridiques de l’État Tiers dans le Procès de Délimitation Maritime
Massimo Lando

Jochen von Bernstorff, Review of Ntina Tzouvala, Capitalism as Civilization: A History of International Law
Jochen von Bernstorff

Miloš Vec, Review of Marcus M. Payk and Kim Christian Priemel (eds), Crafting the International Order: Practitioners and Practices of International Law since c. 1800
Miloš Vec

Dana Schmalz, Review of Liv Feijen, The Evolution of Humanitarian Protection in European Law and Practice
Dana Schmalz

Raphael Oidtmann, Review of Richard Gaskins, The Congo Trials in the International Criminal Court
Raphael Oidtmann

Ver también

Nicolas Boeglin

Palestina: a propósito de la reciente resolución sobre derechos de Palestina como futuro Estado Miembro de Naciones Unidas

Nicolas Boeglin, Profesor de Derecho Internacional Público, Facultad de Derecho,Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR). Contacto …