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Human Rights Quarterly - Volume 43, Number 4, November 2021

Human Rights Quarterly – Volume 43, Number 4, November 2021

Human Rights Quarterly - Volume 43, Number 4, November 2021

Human Rights Quarterly

Volume 43, Number 4, November 2021

ISSN: 0275-0392

Human Rights Quarterly (HRQ) is widely recognized as the leader in the field of human rights. For more than a quarter of a century, HRQ has published articles by experts from around the world writing for the specialist and non-specialist alike. The Quarterly provides up-to-date information on important developments within the United Nations and regional human rights organizations, both governmental and non-governmental. It presents current work in human rights research and policy analysis, reviews of related books, and philosophical essays probing the fundamental nature of human rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. HRQ has been nominated for the prestigious National Magazine Award for reporting.


Defining the Relationships: “Cause, Contribute, and Directly Linked to” in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
Tara Van Ho

Lifting the Veil: The Unintended Consequences of the Legalization of Prostitution
Lumina S. Albert

What Shapes Public Support for Torture, and Among Whom?
Sophia Hatz

Unresolved Issues Regarding Hukou Registration Following Implementation of China’s Universal Two-Child Policy
Wenwen He

Agency Continuum? A Non-Binary Approach to Agency Among Human Rights Victims and Violators
Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, Amelia Watkins-Smith

Deaf Rights as Human Rights: Delimiting the Human with Literatures of “The Hearing Line”
Rachel Mazique

IHRL and the Defamation of Religions: Can We Change the Subject?
Aurore Schwab

Continuing to pay the Price for Freedom: The Ongoing Detention of Victims After Their Trafficking Experience
Marika McAdam

Reframing Human Rights in a Turbulent Era by Gráinne de Búrca (review)
Sarah Knuckey

Women’s Human Rights and Migration: Sex-Selective Abortion Laws in the United States and India by Women’s Human Rights and Migration Sital Kalantry (review)
Marisa Moore Apel

Torture, Inhumanity and Degradation Under Article 3 of the ECHR: Absolute Rights and Absolute Wrongs by Natasa Mavronicola (review)
Ergün Cakal

The Fury Archives: Female Citizenship, Human Rights, and the International Avant-Gardes by Jill Richards (review)
Linda Roland Danil

Lawmaking Under Pressure: International Humanitarian Law And Internal Armed Conflict by Giovanni Mantilla (review)
David P. Forsythe

Ver también

Nicolas Boeglin

Gaza / Israël : à propos de la déclaration de la Palestine reconnaissant la compétence de la CIJ et demandant à intervenir en l’affaire Afrique du Sud contre Israël

Nicolas Boeglin, professeur de droit international public, Faculté de droit, Université du Costa Rica (UCR). …