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International Relations - Volume 35 Issue 2, June 2021

International Relations – Volume 35 Issue 2, June 2021

International Relations - Volume 35 Issue 2, June 2021

International Relations

Volume 35 Issue 2, June 2021

ISSN: 0047-1178, Online ISSN: 1741-2862

International Relations is explicitly pluralist in outlook. Editorial policy favours variety in both subject-matter and method, at a time when so many academic journals are increasingly specialised in scope, and sectarian in approach. We welcome articles or proposals from all perspectives and on all subjects pertaining to international relations: law, economics, ethics, strategy, philosophy, culture, environment, and so on, in addition to more mainstream conceptual work and policy analysis. We believe that such pluralism is in great demand by the academic and policy communities and the interested public.

We welcome articles or proposals on all topics of interest to students of world politics. Each volume will normally contain peer-reviewed research articles, and a mixture of review essays, interviews, debates and forums. Special issues will be published, and we welcome ideas.


On the concept of international disorder
Aaron McKeil

Why we should see international law as a structure: Unpicking international law’s ontology and agency
Adriana Sinclair

War and strange non-death of neoliberalism: The military foundations of modern economic ideologies
Takeshi Nakano

How much is the fish? When foreign policy meets fishing interests in the EU’s Arctic endeavour
Andreas Raspotnik, Andreas Østhagen

South-South cooperation and foreign policy: Challenges and dilemmas in the perception of Brazilian diplomats
Carlos R. S. Milani, Magno Klein

Keeping a Promise: Roles, Audiences and Credibility in International Relations
Bernardo Teles Fazendeiro

The nexus of populism and foreign policy: The case of Latin America
Leslie E Wehner, Cameron G Thies

Can’t be held responsible: Weak norms and refugee protection evasion
Alise Coen

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Nicolas Boeglin

Palestina: a propósito de la reciente resolución sobre derechos de Palestina como futuro Estado Miembro de Naciones Unidas

Nicolas Boeglin, Profesor de Derecho Internacional Público, Facultad de Derecho,Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR). Contacto …