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Journal of the History of International Law / Revue d'histoire du droit international - Volume: 21 (2019), Issue 2

Journal of the History of International Law / Revue d’histoire du droit international – Volume 22 (2020): Issue 1 (Oct 2019)

Print ISSN: 1388-199X, ISSN: 1571-8050

The Journal of the History of International Law / Revue d’histoire du droit international is an interdisciplinary journal on the history of international law with a broad outreach. It is placed among the top international law journals which are regularly consulted by all international lawyers with a general interest in the history of their field. It provides a forum for the emerging and expanding scholarship that takes a historical approach to exploring a wide range of issues in international law. It accommodates the growth in interest in the histories of international law from scholars working in related fields (global history, imperial history, intellectual history and international relations). It creates a venue for ground-breaking work in this field by combining tradition with innovation and to provide the opportunity to develop sustained critical engagement with work on the history of international law.

The Journal of the History of International Law / Revue d’histoire du droit international encourages critical reflection on the classical grand narrative of international law as the purveyor of peace and civilization to the whole world. It specifically invites articles on extra-European experiences and forms of legal relations between autonomous communities which were discontinued as a result of domination and colonization by European Powers. It is open to all possibilities of telling the history of international law, while respecting the necessary rigour in the use of records and sources. It is a forum for a plurality of visions of the history of international law, but also for debate on such plurality itself, on the methods, topics, and usages, as well as the bounds and dead-ends of this discipline. Moreover, it devotes space to examining in greater depth specific themes.

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The Heidelberg Circle of Jurists and Its Struggle against Allied Jurisdiction: Amnesty-Lobbyism and Impunity-Demands for National Socialist War Criminals (1949–1955)
By: Philipp Glahé

Training, Ideas and Practices. The Law of Nations in the Long Eighteenth Century: An Introduction to the Focus Section
By: Raphaël Cahen, Frederik Dhondt, and Elisabetta Fiocchi Malaspina

Language and Power: The Dragoman as a Link in the Chain Between the Law of Nations and the Ottoman Empire
By: Zülâl Muslu

La conception des devoirs du négociateur en Nouvelle-France: Héritage métropolitain ou cas particulier?
By: Alice Bairoch de Sainte-Marie

The Mutual Guarantee of the Peace of Westphalia in the Law of Nations and Its Impact on European Diplomacy
By: Patrick Milton

Transforming the Law of Nations: The Case of the Eighteenth Century Italian Peninsula
By: Elisabetta Fiocchi Malaspina

La dignité impériale des rois de France en Orient: Titulatures et traductions dans la diplomatie franco-ottomane
By: Victor Simon

Droit et histoire dans la formation diplomatique d’après les écrits sur l’ambassadeur et l’art de négocier (XVIIe-début XVIIIe siècle)
By: Dante Fedele

Stalin’s Soviet Justice. ‘Show’ Trials, War Crimes Trials, and Nuremberg, edited by David M. Crowe
By: Lauri Mälksoo

The Process of International Legal Reproduction: Inequality, Historiography, Resistance, written by Rose Parfitt
By: Jessie Hohmann

Sovereignty at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, written by Leonard V. Smith
By: Marcus M. Payk

Ver también

Nicolas Boeglin

Gaza / Israël : à propos de la déclaration de la Palestine reconnaissant la compétence de la CIJ et demandant à intervenir en l’affaire Afrique du Sud contre Israël

Nicolas Boeglin, professeur de droit international public, Faculté de droit, Université du Costa Rica (UCR). …