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Research Handbook on Child Soldiers

Research Handbook on Child Soldiers


Research Handbook on Child Soldiers

Research Handbooks in International Law series

Edited by Mark A. Drumbl, Class of 1975 Alumni Professor of Law and Director, Transnational Law Institute, Washington and Lee University, US and Jastine C. Barrett, Independent Human Rights Consultant and Honorary Researcher, Kent Law School, University of Kent, UK

ISBN: 978 1 78811 447 9
Publicado: 2019
Páginas: 576

eISBN: 978 1 78811 448 6
Publicado: 2019
Páginas: 528

Child soldiers remain poorly understood and inadequately protected, despite significant media attention and many policy initiatives. This Research Handbook aims to redress this troubling gap. It offers a reflective, fresh and nuanced review of the complex issue of child soldiering. The Handbook brings together scholars from six continents, diverse experiences, and a broad range of disciplines. Along the way, it unpacks the life-cycle of youth and militarization: from recruitment to demobilization to return to civilian life. The overarching aim of the Handbook is to render the invisible visible – the contributions map the unmapped and chart new directions. Challenging prevailing assumptions and conceptions, the Research Handbook on Child Soldiers focuses on adversity but also capacity: emphasising the resilience, humanity, and potentiality of children affected (rather than ‘afflicted’) by armed conflict.



Mark A. Drumbl and Jastine C. Barrett

1. In Search of the Lost Kingdom of Childhood
Mohamed Kamara

2. Challenges for the Protection of Child Victims of Recruitment and Use in an Era of Complex Armed Conflicts: The Colombian Case
Ana María Jiménez

3. The Construction of Gender in Child Soldiering in the Special Court for Sierra Leone
Valerie Oosterveld

4. ‘We Were Controlled, We Were Not Allowed to Express Our Sexuality, Our Intimacy Was Suppressed’: Sexual Violence Experienced by Boys
Omer Aijazi, Evelyn Amony and Erin Baines

5. Getting Tambo Out of Limbo: Exploring Alternative Legal Frameworks that are More Sensitive to the Agency of Children and Young People in Armed Conflict
Karl Hanson and Christelle Molima

6. This is Belonging: Children and British Military Recruitment
Rhys Crilley

7. Child Soldiers in Historical and Comparative Perspective: Creating a Space for Data-Driven Analysis
David M. Rosen

8. The Voiceless Child Soldiers of Afghanistan
Anicée Van Engeland

9. Weaponizing the Weak: The Role of Children in Terrorist Groups
Mia Bloom

10. Retracing the Journey of Child Soldiers and Looking for the Path to Return Them Home: A Report from Southern Philippines
David N. Almarez, Ajree D. Malawani, Sittie Akima A. Ali, Princess Mae S. Chua and Primitivo C. Ragandang III

11. Children Born of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence within Armed Groups – A Case Study of Northern Uganda
Myriam Denov

12. Social Reintegration Following Armed Conflict in Northern Uganda: How Former Child Soldier Young Mothers Use Symbolic Tools
Fiona Shanahan and Angela Veale

13. The Regional African Legal Framework on Children: A Template for More Robust Action on Children and Armed Conflict?
Godfrey Odongo

14. Minors and Miners: Accountability Beyond Child Soldiering in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Sharanjeet Parmar and Yann Lebrat

15. Crimes Committed by Child Soldiers: An Argument for Coherence
Nikila Kaushik and Steven Freeland

16. Child Soldiers in International Courtrooms: Unqualified Perpetrators, Erratic Witnesses and Irreparable Victims?
Barbora Holá and Thijs B. Bouwknegt

17. Dominic Ongwen on Trial: Problematizing Definitional Boundaries and Exploring the Possibilities of Socialization
Carse Ramos

18. Child Soldiers and Asylum – Duality or Dilemma?
Joseph Rikhof

19. Navigating the Mystical: Child Soldiers and Reintegration Rituals in Northern Uganda
Jastine C. Barrett

20. Child Agency and Resistance to Discourses within the Paris Principles in Rehabilitation and Reintegration Processes of Former Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda
Grace Akello

21. Children Associated with Boko Haram: Disassociation, Protection, Accountability and Reintegration
Stuart Casey-Maslen

22. Do No Harm: How Reintegration Programmes for Former Child Soldiers Can Cause Unintended Harm
Michael G. Wessells

23. How to Find the ‘Hidden’ Girl Soldier? Two Sets of Suggestions Arising from Liberia
Leena Vastapuu

Nesam McMillan



O. Aijazi, G. Akello, A.A.S. Akima, D.N. Almarez, E. Amony, E. Baines, J.C. Barrett, M. Bloom, T. Bouwknegt, S. Casey-Maslen, P.M.S. Chua, R. Crilley, M. Denov, M.A. Drumbl, S. Freeland, W. Hall, K. Hanson, B. Holá, A.M. Jiménez, M. Kamara, N. Kaushik, Y. Lebrat, A.D. Malawani, N. McMillan, C. Molima, G. Odongo, V. Oosterveld, S. Parmar, P.C. Ragandang III, C. Ramos, J. Rikhof, D.M. Rosen, F. Shanahan, A. Van Engeland, L. Vastapuu, A. Veale, M. Wessells

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