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Revista Electrónica Cordobesa de Derecho Internacional Público – Núm. 1 (2020)


Revista Electrónica Cordobesa de Derecho Internacional Público Núm. 1 (2020) ISSN: 2250-5059 @recordip Revista desarrollada en el ámbito del Departamento de Derecho Público de la Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. La Revista es una publicación científica, arbitrada, anual, llevada adelante por miembros de …

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The Faces of Human Rights


The Faces of Human Rights Editor(s): Kasey McCall-Smith, Jan Wouters, Felipe Gómez Isa ISBN: 9781509926916Publicado: 16-05-2019Páginas: 376 As human rights discourse increasingly focuses on analysing states and the institutions that promote and support the human rights machinery that states have created, this volume serves to recall that despite the growing …

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The Interface Between EU and International Law


Despite their many obvious interconnections, EU and international law are all too often studied and practised in different spheres. While it is natural for each to insist on its own unique characteristics, and in particular for the EU to emphasise its sui generis nature, important insights might be lost because of this exclusionary approach. This book aims to break through some of those barriers and to show how more interaction between the two spheres might be encouraged. In so doing, it offers a constitutional dimension but also a substantive one, identifying policy areas where EU and international law and their respective actors work alongside each other. Offering a 360-degree view on both EU and international institutional and substantive law, this collection presents a refreshing perspective on a longstanding issue.

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EU Competition Litigation


All EU Member States have now transposed Directive 2014/104/EU on damages actions for breaches of competition law into national law. The Directive (and the soft-law instruments accompanying it) not only marks a new phase for private enforcement of competition law but also, more generally, provides a novel and thought provoking instance of EU harmonisation of aspects of private law and civil litigation.

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Breaking the Cycle of Mass Atrocities – Marina Aksenova, Elies van Sliedregt, Stephan Parmentier


Breaking the Cycle of Mass Atrocities investigates the role of international criminal law at different stages of mass atrocities, shifting away from its narrow understanding solely as an instrument of punishment of those most responsible. The book is premised on the idea that there are distinct phases of collective violence, and international criminal law contributes in one way or another to each phase. The authors therefore explore various possibilities for international criminal law to be of assistance in breaking the vicious cycle at its different junctures.

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