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UK and Argentina in new war of words over Falklands –

UK and Argentina in new war of words over Falklands

Tensions are again mounting between Argentina and Britain over the Falkland Islands, in the run-up to the 30th anniversary of the brief war the two countries fought over sovereignty.

At a small demonstration outside the British Embassy in Buenos Aires, the Socialist Workers Movement denounced the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who has accused Argentina of being “much more than colonialist” in asserting its claims.

Argentina wants Britain to negotiate sovereignty at the UN; London refuses.

“We urge the government of President Cristina Fernandez to break off relations with Britain. We believe it is a historic moment in which to move forward and prompt the international community to realise that they have to denounce these scandalous statements,” said the protest leader, Vilma Ripoll.

The protest leader called on her government to break off relations with Britain, and seek international backing.

Last month Buenos Aires persuaded other Latin American nations to turn away ships flying the Falklands flag.

The British Foreign Secretary William Hague, citing restrictions imposed on fishing boats, has urged Argentina to stop intimidating the islanders, reiterating their right to self-determination. Almost all 3000 inhabitants are of British descent.

In 1982 Margaret Thatcher sent a military task force to the South Atlantic to remove Argentine forces who had been sent to land on the Falklands by the country’s then military dictatorship.

655 Argentine and 255 British servicemen lost their lives.

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