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International Journal of Human Rights - Volume 26, Issue 1 (2022)

The International Journal of Human Rights – Volume 26, Issue 8 (2022)

ISSN: 1364-2987, EISSN: 1744-053X

The International Journal of Human Rights covers an exceptionally broad spectrum of human rights issues: human rights and the law, race, religion, gender, children, class, refugees and immigration. In addition to these general areas, the journal publishes articles and reports on the human rights aspects of: genocide, torture, capital punishment and the laws of war and war crimes. To encourage debate, the editors publish Forum pieces and discussion papers from authorative writers in the field. They also welcome comments, reflections, thematic essays and review articles and critical surveys of the literature.

The journal is essential reading for academics and students of political science and international law, officers in relevant NGOs, lawyers, politicians and civil servants, human rights activists, and the interested general public.


Duty to protect and responsibility to respect: data privacy violations in pandemic times
Cinthia Obladen de Almendra Freitas, Danielle Anne Pamplona & Dânton Hilário Zanetti de Oliveira

Commitments to forced migrants in African peace agreements, 1990–2018
Nicolas Parent

US Congress and partisanship on Yemen among Democrats from Obama to Trump
Jeffrey S. Bachman

Criminalisation of sex workers: rethinking the public order
Ivana Radačić & Marija Antić

To intervene or not to intervene: intervention before the court of justice of the european union in environmental and migration law
Jasper Krommendijk & Kris van der Pas

Justice from below: corporate accountability in Argentina
Gabriel Pereira, Leigh A. Payne & Laura Bernal Bermúdez

Compassion for change. Nurturing the motivation of staff in UN institutions dedicated to the promotion of human rights
Cornelia C. Walther

Seeking overlap and redundancy in human rights protection: reputation, consistency and the acceptance of the UN human rights treaties’ individual communications procedures
Andreas von Staden & Andreas J. Ullmann

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Nicolas Boeglin

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