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International Studies Quarterly - Volume 66, Issue 2, June 2022

International Studies Quarterly – Volume 66, Issue 2, June 2022

International Studies Quarterly - Volume 66, Issue 2, June 2022

International Studies Quarterly

Volume 66, Issue 2, June 2022

ISSN: 0020-8833, EISSN: 1468-2478

International Studies Quarterly (ISQ) is the flagship journal of the International Studies Association. It seeks to publish leading scholarship that engages with significant theoretical, empirical, and normative subjects in international studies. More detailed information about the journal’s guidelines and policies is available here.


Original Articles
Provocation, Public Opinion, and International Disputes: Evidence from China
Allan Dafoe, Samuel Liu, Brian O’Keefe, Jessica Chen Weiss

Defending Society, Building the Nation: Rebel Governance as Competing Biopolitics
David Brenner, Martina Tazzioli

Interests, Institutions, and the Environment: An Examination of Fisheries Subsidies
Stephanie J Rickard

Solidarity through Cynicism? The Influence of Russian Conspiracy Narratives Abroad
Scott Radnitz

International Bureaucrats and Organizational Performance. Country-Specific Knowledge and Sectoral Knowledge in World Bank Projects
Mirko Heinzel

The Embodiment of Hegemony: Diplomatic Practices in the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry
Lourdes Aguas, Stephen Pampinella

Wrestlemania! Summit Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Performance after Trump
Benjamin S Day, Alister Wedderburn

Political Agency, Victimhood, and Gender in Contexts of Armed Conflict: Moving beyond Dichotomies
Anne-Kathrin Kreft, Philipp Schulz

Who Securitizes? Climate Change Discourse in the United Nations
Sabrina B Arias

Research Notes
The Character and Origins of Military Attitudes on the Use of Force
Tyler Jost, Kaine Meshkin, Robert Schub

Beyond Roll-Call Voting: Sponsorship Dynamics at the UN General Assembly
Pedro Seabra, Rafael Mesquita

Organizations Involved in Humanitarian Action: Introducing a New Dataset
Clara Egger, Doris Schopper

An Appraisal of Project Mars and the Divided Armies Argument
Douglas M Gibler, Steven V Miller

All Peacekeeping is Local: Measuring Subnational Variation in Peacekeeping Effectiveness
Bryce W Reeder, Michael Hendricks, Edward Goldring

Elite-Public Gaps in Attitudes to Nuclear Weapons: New Evidence from a Survey of German Citizens and Parliamentarians
Michal Smetana, Michal Onderco

Disaggregating Repression: Identifying Physical Integrity Rights Allegations in Human Rights Reports
Rebecca Cordell, K Chad Clay, Christopher J Fariss, Reed M Wood, Thorin M Wright

Special Article
Resisting Lockdown: The Influence of COVID-19 Restrictions on Social Unrest
Reed Wood, Gina Yannitell Reinhardt, Babak RezaeeDaryakenari, Leah C Windsor

Theory Note
Military Abolitionism: A Critical Typology
Ned Dobos

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