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International Studies Quarterly - Volume 65, Issue 3, September 2021

International Studies Quarterly – Volume 65, Issue 3, September 2021

International Studies Quarterly - Volume 65, Issue 3, September 2021

International Studies Quarterly

Volume 65, Issue 3, September 2021

ISSN: 0020-8833, EISSN: 1468-2478

International Studies Quarterly (ISQ) is the flagship journal of the International Studies Association. It seeks to publish leading scholarship that engages with significant theoretical, empirical, and normative subjects in international studies. More detailed information about the journal’s guidelines and policies is available here.


Paradigms and Practice
Nicolas Jabko, Sebastian Schmidt

How to Hold Unjust Structures Responsible in International Relations
Swati Srivastava, Lauren Muscott

Gulliver Unleashed? International Order, Restraint, and The Case of Ancient Athens
Dan Reiter

Risk Is Relative: Heterogeneous Responses to Institutional Risks for Foreign Investment
Quintin H Beazer, Daniel J Blake

International Cooperation and Natural Disasters: Evidence from Trade Agreements
Aleksandra Conevska

The Intractability of Islamist Insurgencies: Islamist Rebels and the Recurrence of Civil War
Desirée Nilsson, Isak Svensson

The Logic of Ceasefires in Civil War
Govinda Clayton, Valerie Sticher

Rebel Fragmentation and the Recruitment of Child Soldiers
Christopher M Faulkner, Austin C Doctor

Can We Predict Armed Conflict? How the First 9 Years of Published Forecasts Stand Up to Reality
Håvard Hegre, Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, Peder Landsverk

Why National Ministries Consider the Policy Advice of International Bureaucracies: Survey Evidence from 106 Countries
Jana Herold, Andrea Liese, Per-Olof Busch, Hauke Feil

The Institutionalization of a Cleavage: How Differential Treatment Affects State Behavior in the Climate Negotiations
Paula Castro, Marlene Kammerer

Indicators and Success Stories: The UN Sustaining Peace Agenda, Bureaucratic Power, and Knowledge Production in Post-War Settings
Maria Martin de Almagro

Common-Pool Hierarchy: Explaining the Emergence of Cooperative Hierarchies
Jesse Dillon Savage

Communities and Brokers: How the Transnational Advocacy Network Simultaneously Provides Social Power and Exacerbates Global Inequalities
Huimin Cheng, Ye Wang, Ping Ma, Amanda Murdie

Why Does Aid Not Target the Poorest?
Ryan C Briggs

Democracy and the Transnational Dimensions of Low-Level Conflict and State Repression
Martin Roessler, Patrick Zwerschke, Jonathan Old

Sexual Violence by the State: The Role of Political Institutions in Sexual Violence Perpetration
Christopher P Willis

Gender, Internal Armed Conflict, and High Court Decision-Making in Transitioning Societies
Lee Demetrius Walker, Melissa Martinez, Christopher Pace

Seeing Is Disbelieving: The Depths and Limits of Factual Misinformation in War
Daniel Silverman, Karl Kaltenthaler, Munqith Dagher

Military Alliances and Public Support for War
Michael Tomz, Jessica L P Weeks

All the World’s a Stage: US Presidential Narcissism and International Conflict
John P Harden

Regime Uncertainty and Interstate Conflict
Muhammet A Bas, Omer F Orsun

The Geopolitical Threat Index: A Text-Based Computational Approach to Identifying Foreign Threats
Peter Trubowitz, Kohei Watanabe

Corrigendum to: Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 17? An Empirical Investigation of the Effectiveness of Aid Given to Boost Developing Countries? Tax Revenue and Capacity

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