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International Affairs - Volume 97, Issue 2, March 2021

International Affairs – Volume 97, Issue 2, March 2021

International Affairs - Volume 97, Issue 2, March 2021

International Affairs

Volume 97, Issue 2, March 2021

ISSN: 0020-5850, EISSN: 1468-2346

International Affairs is one of the world’s leading journals of international relations and one of the few to cover the entire discipline. Founded by and edited at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, it has been in existence for over 90 years and has become renowned for its academically rigorous, practitioner-focused scholarship.

Over the years it has featured articles not only from many of the leading international relations scholars but also from those rising in the profession. This lively and provocative journal will keep you up to date with latest critical thinking on the key issues shaping today’s world. Whatever your level and area of interest, you will find International Affairs readable, informative and stimulating.


Front matter


Corrigendum 1: Rethinking youth bulge theory in policy and scholarship: incorporating critical gender analysis
Lesley Pruitt

Corrigendum 2: The missing sense of peace: diplomatic approachment and virtualization during the COVID-19 lockdown
Isabel Bramsen, Anine Hagemann

New directions in foreign policy analysis
Special section guest-edited by Amnon Aran, Klaus Brummer and Karen E. Smith
Introduction: new directions in foreign policy analysis
Amnon Aran, Klaus Brummer, Karen E Smith

Constructing time in foreign policy-making: Brexit’s timing entrepreneurs, malcontemps and apparatchiks
Andrew Hom, Ryan Beasley

Emotions and EU foreign policy
Karen E Smith

The party scene: new directions for political party research in foreign policy analysis
Stephanie C Hofmann, Benjamin Martill

Populism, nationalism and revisionist foreign policy
Erin K Jenne

Far-right populism and foreign policy identity: Jair Bolsonaro’s ultra-conservatism and the new politics of alignment
Feliciano De Sá Guimarães, Irma Dutra De Oliveira E Silva

Charismatic leadership in foreign policy
Anders Wivel, Caroline Howard Grøn

Political leadership and gendered multilevel games in foreign policy
Karin Aggestam, Jacqui True

Advancing foreign policy analysis by studying leaders from the global South
Klaus Brummer

New directions for leader personality research: breaking bad in foreign policy
Juliet Kaarbo

Editor’s Choice
Decolonizing the British Army: a preliminary response
Anthony King

Covert balancing: Great Powers, secondary states and US balancing strategies against China
Hugo Meijer, Luis Simón

Who is entitled to feel in the age of populism? Women’s resistance to migrant detention in Britain
Ali Bilgic, Athina Gkouti

Reasserting hegemonic masculinity: women’s leadership within the far right
Owen Worth

Intellectual property and essential medicines in the COVID-19 pandemic
Thana C De Campos-Rudinsky

The missing sense of peace: diplomatic approachment and virtualization during the COVID-19 lockdown
Isabel Bramsen, Anine Hagemann

Book reviews
International Relations theory
International Relations in a relational universe
Ramon Blanco

International history
The Churchill complex: the curse of being special from Winston and FDR to Trump and Brexit
Charles Coutinho

Governance, law and ethics
Soft power: the forces of attraction in International Relations
Thomas Froehlich

Negotiating internet governance
Esther Naylor

The fixers: local news workers and the underground labor of international reporting
Alan Philps

Not enough: human rights in an unequal world
Noam Schimmel

Conflict, security and defence
Surrogate warfare: the transformation of war in the twenty-first century
Amelie Theussen

From freedom fighters to jihadists: human resources of non state armed groups
Jessica Davis

Divided armies: inequality and battlefield performance in modern war
Jordan Becker

Measuring peace: principles, practices, and politics
Sara Winger

The end of China’s non-intervention policy in Africa; Peacebuilding in the Asia Pacific
Xuwan Ouyang

Energy, environment and global health
Global energy politics
Rodrigo Lyra

Russia and Eurasia
Critical approaches to security in central Asia
Anja Mihr

Middle East and North Africa
Unfulfilled aspirations: middle power politics in the Middle East
Betul Dogan-Akkas

Iran resurgent: the rise and rise of the Shia state; Iran rising: the survival and future of the Islamic Republic
Nakissa Jahanbani

South Asia
India and the Silk Road: exploring current opportunities
Maziar Mozaffari Falarti, Behzad Abdollahpour

The nine lives of Pakistan: dispatches from a divided nation
Tim Willasey-Wilsey

East Asia and Pacific
The Shenzhen experiment: the story of China’s instant city
Joel Campbell

Making Hong Kong China: the rollback of human rights and the rule of law
Sreeram Chaulia

North America
Barriers down: how American power and free-flow policies shaped global media
Ryan Dukeman

The Gulf of Mexico: a maritime history
Eric Watkins

Latin America and Caribbean
Landscape of migration: mobility and environmental change on Bolivia’s tropical frontier, 1952 to the present
Philip Chrimes

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Books reviewed March 2021

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