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International Affairs - Volume 96, Issue 6, November 2020

International Affairs – Volume 96, Issue 6, November 2020


International Affairs

Volume 96, Issue 6, November 2020

ISSN: 0020-5850, EISSN: 1468-2346

International Affairs is one of the world’s leading journals of international relations and one of the few to cover the entire discipline. Founded by and edited at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, it has been in existence for over 90 years and has become renowned for its academically rigorous, practitioner-focused scholarship.

Over the years it has featured articles not only from many of the leading international relations scholars but also from those rising in the profession. This lively and provocative journal will keep you up to date with latest critical thinking on the key issues shaping today’s world. Whatever your level and area of interest, you will find International Affairs readable, informative and stimulating.


Artificial intelligence and China’s authoritarian governance
Jinghan Zeng

Infrastructure and Chinese power
Selina Ho

Strategic ambiguity and the Trumpian approach to China–Taiwan relations
Hoo Tiang Boon, Hannah Elyse Sworn

Multinational security coalitions and the limits of middle power activism in the Middle East: the Saudi case
Rory Miller, Sarah Cardaun

The dynamics of prototypical police forces: lessons from two Somali cities
Alice Hills

The role of political leaders in mitigating the risk of mass atrocities: an analysis of Khama, Kaunda and Nyerere
Stephen McLoughlin

Militarized masculinity and the paradox of restraint: mechanisms of social control under modern authoritarianism
Rebecca Tapscott

Female peacekeepers’ added burden
Nina Wilén

The influence of small states: how Bhutan succeeds in influencing global sustainability governance
Sarina Theys, Katharina Rietig

The 2020 oil price dive in a carbon-constrained era: strategies for energy exporters in central Asia
Morena Skalamera

‘Seeing’ the Women, Peace and Security agenda: visual (re)productions of WPS in UK government national action plans
Columba Achilleos-Sarll

Book Reviews
International Relations theory
Non-human nature in world politics: theory and practice
João Terrenas

International history
History of international relations: a non-European perspective
G. Porkkodi

Governance, law and ethics
How social movements can save democracy: democratic innovations from below
Daniele Archibugi

Not even past: how the United States ends wars
Tim Willasey-Wilsey

The influence of sub-state actors on national security: using military bases to forge autonomy
Theò Bajon

Political economy, economics and development
Enterprise, industry and innovation in the People’s Republic of China: questioning socialism from Deng to the trade and tech war
Edoardo Bellando

Energy, environment and global health
Irresolute clay: shaping the foundations of modern environmental law
David Bentley

The rise of authoritarianism in the western Balkans
Aidan Hehir

Middle East and North Africa
Understanding Libya since Gaddafi
Ronald Bruce St John

Egypt’s diplomacy in war, peace and transition
Nael M. Shama

Sub-Saharan Africa
Total onslaught: war and revolution in southern Africa since 1945
Jack Spence

East Asia and Pacific
China’s western horizon: Beijing and the new geopolitics of Eurasia
Behzad Abdollahpour

China’s military modernization, Japan’s normalization and the South China Sea territorial disputes
Miki Hayashi

Rāh-e abrisham-e Jadid; Yek Kamarband, Yek Jādeh; Nazaryeh Chini Barā-ye Rahā-i az Mahdudiat-hā-ye Strātejiki [New Silk Road, One Belt, One Road: a Chinese theory to do away with strategic limitations]Hamzeh Moradi

North America
Henry Kissinger and American power: a political biography
Andrew Payne

The last brahmin: Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. and the making of the Cold War
Rennie A. Silva

Latin America and Caribbean
The longest line on the map: the United States, the Pan-American Highway, and the quest to link the Americas
Philip Chrimes

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