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Journal of Human Rights & the Environment

Journal of Human Rights and the Environment – Volume 11 – Issue 2: (September 2020)

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Journal of Human Rights and the Environment

Volume 11 – Issue 2: (September 2020)

Online ISSN 1759-7196, Print ISSN 1759-7188

The relationship between human rights and the environment is fascinating, uneasy and increasingly urgent. This international journal provides a strategic academic forum for an extended interdisciplinary and multi-layered conversation that explores emergent possibilities, existing tensions, and multiple implications of entanglements between human and non-human forms of liveliness. We invite critical engagements on these themes, especially as refracted through human rights and environmental law, politics, policy-making and community level activisms.


Editorial Animal rights: interconnections with human rights and the environment
Tom Sparks, Visa Kurki and Saskia Stucki

Animalhood, interests, and rights
Juan Pablo Mañalich R.

Legal rights for animals: aspiration or logical necessity?
Joshua Jowitt

Animal rights, legal personhood and cognitive capacity: addressing ‘levelling-down’ concerns
Joe Wills

The conceptual challenges of invasive alien species to non-human rights
Guillaume Futhazar

Veganism, dairy, and decolonization
Maneesha Deckha

Second wave animal ethics and (global) animal law: a view from the margins
Iyan Offor

Is there a need for a new, an ecological, understanding of legal animal rights?
Brian Favre

Book review: Duncan Kelly, Politics and the Anthropocene (Polity, London 2019) 152 pp.
Daniel Matthews

Book review: Louis J Kotzé (ed), Environmental Law and Governance for the Anthropocene (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2017) 379 pp.
Melanie Murcott

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