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Journal of Conflict Resolution - Volume 64 Issue 10, November 2020

Journal of Conflict Resolution – Volume 64 Issue 10, November 2020

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Journal of Conflict Resolution

Volume 64 Issue 10, November 2020

ISSN: 0022-0027 Online ISSN: 1552-8766

Journal of Conflict Resolution (JCR), peer-reviewed and published eight times a year, for more than fifty years has provided scholars and researchers with the latest studies and theories on the causes of and solutions to the full range of human conflict. JCR focuses on conflict between and within states, but also explores a variety of inter-group and interpersonal conflicts that may help in understanding problems of war and peace. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


Focal Moments and Protests in Autocracies: How Pro-democracy Anniversaries Shape Dissent in China
Erin Baggott Carter, Brett L. Carter

Too Pacifist in Peace, Too Bellicose in War: Political Information and Foreign Policy Opinion
Benjamin O. Fordham, Katja B. Kleinberg

Democratic versus Authoritarian Coups: The Influence of External Actors on States’ Postcoup Political Trajectories
Clayton Thyne, Kendall Hitch

Forecasting Civil Wars: Theory and Structure in an Age of “Big Data” and Machine Learning
Robert A. Blair, Nicholas Sambanis

How Terrorism Spreads: Emulation and the Diffusion of Ethnic and Ethnoreligious Terrorism
Sara M. T. Polo

Weapon of the Strong? Government Support for Religion and Majoritarian Terrorism
Peter S. Henne, Nilay Saiya, Ashlyn W. Hand

In the Eye of the Storm: Rebel Taxation of Artisanal Mines and Strategies of Violence
Mario Krauser

Drought, Resilience, and Support for Violence: Household Survey Evidence from DR Congo
Nina von Uexkull, Marco d’Errico, Julius Jackson

Mutually Assured Distrust: Ideology and Commitment Problems in Civil Wars
Eric Keels, Krista Wiegand

Ver también

Nicolas Boeglin

Gaza / Israël : à propos de la déclaration de la Palestine reconnaissant la compétence de la CIJ et demandant à intervenir en l’affaire Afrique du Sud contre Israël

Nicolas Boeglin, professeur de droit international public, Faculté de droit, Université du Costa Rica (UCR). …