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Chinese Journal of International Law - Volume 18, Issue 4, December 2019

Chinese Journal of International Law – Volume 18, Issue 4, December 2019

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Chinese Journal of International Law

Volume 18, Issue 4, December 2019

ISSN: 1540-1650, EISSN: 1746-9937

The Chinese Journal of International Law is the leading forum for articles on international law by Chinese scholars and on international law issues relating to China.
An independent, peer-reviewed research journal edited primarily by scholars from mainland China, and published in association with the Chinese Society of International Law, Beijing, and Wuhan University Institute of International Law, Wuhan, the Journal is a general international law journal with a focus on materials and viewpoints from and/or about China, other parts of Asia, and the broader developing world.


Editorial Comment
New China and International Law: Practice and Contribution in 70 Years
Guide Jia

Editor’s Choice
Self-defence against Armed Attacks by Non-State Actors
Rein Müllerson

On the United States’ Decision to Withdraw from and Cease Implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
Mario Gervasi

The Practice of States on Air Defense Identification Zones: Geographical Scope, Object of Identification, and Identification Measures
Jinyuan Su

Chronologies of Practice
Chronology of Practice: Chinese Practice in Public International Law in 2018
Xiaohui Wu

Chronology of Practice: Chinese Practice in Private International Law in 2018
Qisheng He

Letter to the Journal
Letter to the Journal The Default Rule of the Immunity of International Organizations: Budha Ismail Jam, et al., Petitioners v. International Finance Corporation
Kibrom Teweldebirhan

Bin Cheng: His Study of International Law and His Inductive Approach to International Law
Li Chen

Book Review
Anthea Roberts, Is International Law International?
Lu Zhu

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