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Global Maritime Safety & Security Issues and East Asia

Global Maritime Safety & Security Issues and East Asia


Global Maritime Safety & Security Issues and East Asia

Suk Kyoon Kim

ISBN: 978-90-04-38901-4 (Hardcover)
Publicado: 7 June 2019

ISBN: 978-90-04-38990-8 (E-Book)
Publicado: 7 June 2019

In Global Maritime Safety & Security Issues and East Asia, Suk Kyoon Kim offers a multi-disciplinary perspective on various issues of maritime safety and security, focusing on East Asia. Defining the concepts of maritime safety and security, the book examines important issues such the legal frameworks for maritime safety and security and IMO law-making; safety of navigation; port state control; maritime terrorism; SUA Convention regime; piracy; ISPS Code and port and container security; and PSI. The author further undertakes an exploration of the roles of coast guards in East Asia as maritime safety and security enforcers, and national maritime safety and security legislations in China, Japan and Korea.


List of Illustrations

1 Defining Maritime Safety and Security
 I  Safe Uses of the Sea
 II  Understanding of Maritime Safety and Security
 III  Maritime Safety and Security Domains

2 Legal Framework for Maritime Safety and Security and IMO Law-Making
 I  Introduction
 II  Legal Framework for Maritime Safety and Security in the UNCLOS
 III  Institutional Structure of the IMO and Its Roles
 IV  The IMO International Law-Making Process
 V  Enforcement by Flag, Coastal, and Port State
 VI  Status of IMO Conventions and Related Legal Instruments
 VII  Conclusion

3 Safety of Navigation and Port State Control
 I  Introduction
 II  Principal Regulations Governing the Safety of Navigation
 III  Ships and Navigational Safety Measures
 IV  Safety Measures to Prevent Marine Pollution
 V  Overview of Port State Control
 VI  Regional PSC Regimes
 VII  Conclusion

4 Maritime Terrorism and the SUA Convention Regime
 I  Introduction
 II  The Nature of Maritime Terrorism
 III  Objectives and Methods of Maritime Terrorism
 IV  Maritime Terrorist Organizations
 V  The SUA Convention Regime
 VI  Conclusion

5 Contemporary Piracy: Nature and Reality
 I  Emergence of Contemporary Piracy
 II  Definitions of Piracy and their Distinction from other Unlawful Acts at Sea
 III  Typology of Contemporary Piracy
 IV  Aspects of Contemporary Piracy Attacks: Trends, Features and Violence
 V  Costs of Piracy
 VI  Global Counter-Piracy Efforts and Policy Reponses
 VII  Efforts of East Asian Countries to Combat Piracy
 VIII  Conclusion

6 ISPS Code and Port & Cargo Container Security
 I  Introduction
 II  Adoption of the ISPS Code
 III  Regulations of the ISPS Code
 IV  Implementation of the ISPS Code of East Asian Countries
 V  U.S. Maritime Security Legislations
 VI  U.S. Port and Cargo Container Security Programs
 VII  Conclusion

7 Enforcement of Proliferation Security Initiative ( PSI ) and Challenges
 I  Evolution of the Proliferation Security Initiative
 II  Nature of the PSI
 III  Interdiction Principles and Participation in the PSI
 IV  The PSI and International Law
 V  Enforcement of Interdictions
 VI  Challenges to the PSI
 VII  Conclusion

8 Growing Roles of Coast Guards in East Asia
 I  Introduction
 II  Overview of Coast Guards in East Asia
 III  Roles and Duties of Coast Guards
 IV  Status of Coast Guard Ships in International Law: Rights and Responsibilities
 V  Build-Ups of Coast Guards in East Asia
 VI  Reinforcement of Major Coast Guards in East Asia
 VII  Conclusion

9 Conclusion



Suk Kyoon Kim, Ph.D. (2005), Hanyang University, is Adjunct Professor at that University and former Commissioner General of the Korea Coast Guard. Based on his career experiences, he has published many articles and books, including Maritime Disputes in Northeast Asia (Brill/Nijhoff, 2017).

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