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Human Rights and the Environment: Legality, Indivisibility, Dignity and Geography

Human Rights and the Environment: Legality, Indivisibility, Dignity and Geography


Human Rights and the Environment: Legality, Indivisibility, Dignity and Geography

Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law series

Edited by James R. May, Professor of Law and Erin Daly, Professor of Law, Widener University Delaware Law School, US

ISBN: 9781788111454
Publicado: 2019
Páginas: 616

eISBN: 9781788111461
Publicado: 2019
Páginas: 616

Much has been written, discussed, advocated and litigated about human rights and the environment over the last two decades. With 45 structured entries from a global collection of expert scholars, this volume of the Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law provides an authoritative source of reference and features new commentary on the role of the rule of law in responding to the variegated impacts of environmental challenges on the human condition.

This comprehensive volume offers fresh perspectives to the conversation by focusing especially on four subjects that shed new light on the subject of environmental human rights: the challenges of identifying the fundamental legal sources for the protection of human rights and the environment, the recognition of the indivisibility of human rights and environmental law, the centrality of the right to human dignity as the lodestar of human rights law, and the uniqueness of geographic particularities. Fundamentally, the entries demonstrate that there is much to do, learn and share on this vital topic.

Offering thoughtful critical perspectives on a timely subject, this volume will be an essential resource for academics and students, as well as policymakers and practitioners.



Introduction: New Dimensions in Human Rights and the Environment
James R. May and Erin Daly

1. Advancing Human Rights through the Environmental Rule of Law
Naysa Ahuja, John Pendergrass, Arnold Kreilhuber, Elizabeth Mrema and Carl Bruch

2. The United Nations Mandate on Human Rights and the Environment
John H. Knox

3. An International Covenant on the Right of Human Beings to the Environment
Michel Prieur, Mohamed Ali Mekouar and Erin Daly

4. New Frontiers in Environmental Constitutionalism: Environmental Rule of Law and the Sustainable Development Goals
Arnold Kreilhuber and Angela Kariuki

5. In Defense of Constitutionalizing Environmental Rights
Rosemary Mwanza

6. Human Rights Developments in Global Environmental Constitutionalism
James R. May and Erin Daly

7. Human Rights and Human Benefits: the Implementation Gap
Paul Martin

8. Sovereignty and Environmental Human Rights
Sam Adelman

9. The Human Right to Environmental Information
Rebecca Bratspies and Sarah Lamdan

10. Implementing Human Rights-Related Environmental Principles with e-Technology Innovation Under the Aarhus Convention
Sylvestre-José-Tidiane Manga

11. Access to Justice in Environmental Matters: Recent Developments at International and Regional Level and the Repercussions at the National Level
Vasiliki (Vicky) Karageorgou

12. Indivisibility of Human and Environmental Rights
Erin Daly and James R. May

13. Identifying Legal Claims to Human Rights and the Environment
S. Ravi Rajan, Kirsten Davies and Catherine Iorns Magallanes

14. Climate Change and Human Rights
Michael Burger and Jessica Wentz

15. Climate Change, Mobility, Law and Human Rights
Christel Cournil and Emnet Gebre

16. Protecting The Right to Food When Implementing Climate Change Mitigation Strategies in Developing Countries
Philip Coventry

17. Human Rights And the Gender Dynamics of Climate Change
Ryan Jeremiah Donato Quan

18. Sustainability and Environmental Human Rights
Chetna Anant Malviya and Ricardo Libel Waldman

19. Moral Limitations on Property Rights in the United States as Human Rights
Blake Hudson

20. Land Use Restrictions and the Right to Property
Geert Van Hoorick and Lise Vandenhende

21. Conflicts between Environmental Protection and Human Rights
Marie-Catherine Petersmann

22. Biodiversity and Human Rights
Wahyu Yun Santoso

23. The Rights of Nature and a New Constitutional Environmental Law
Daniel Bonilla Maldonado

24. Environmental Dignity Rights
Erin Daly and James R. May

25. The Human Right to Water
Daphina Misiedjan and Scott O. McKenzie

26. The Human Right to Landscape
Michel Prieur

27. Understanding the Nexus of Environment, Energy and Human Rights
Leonie Reins

28. Business Practices, Human Rights and the Environment
Stephen Turner

29. Environmental Rights of Children
Karen E. Makuch

30. Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Rights
Alexander Solntsev

31. Indigenous Peoples and Conservation of Biodiversity
Ritu Dhingra

32. Human Rights Based Environmental Remedy for Allotment Era Legacy in Indian Country
Dean B. Suagee

33. Human Rights to the City: Urban Ecologies and Indigenous Justice
Natalie Osborne, Anna Carlson & Chris Butler

34. Environmental Justice and the Hesitant Embrace of Human Rights
Dayna Nadine Scott

35. European Court of Human Rights and Environmental Rights
Ole W. Pedersen

36. Vida Digna and Environmental Human Rights in the Inter American System
Juan Manuel Rivero Godoy

37. Human Rights and the Environment in the Middle East and North African Region: Trends, Limitations and Opportunities
Damilola S. Olawuyi

38. Non-Economic Losses and Human Rights in Small Island Developing States
Lisa Benjamin, Adelle Thomas and Michael Stevenson

39. The Effectiveness of Access Rights in Sri Lanka in Issues of Environment and Development
Camena Guneratne

40. Human Rights and Climate Change Displaced People: Bangladesh Perspective
Md Abdul Awal Khan

41. Evaluation of Human Rights and the Environment in Jordan
Aisa M. Hammadeen

42. Human Rights and Environmental Justice in Development Projects in Central Africa: from the Pipeline Chad-Cameroon to the Mbalam-Nabéba Iron Ore Project
Guy Jules Kounga and Alain Kenmogne Simo

43. Human Vulnerability and Environmental Rights: The Endorois Welfare Council v. Kenya Case
Atieno Mboya Samandari

44. Legal Personality for the Environment in Aotearoa New Zealand
Catherine Iorns Magallanes



S. Adelman, N. Ahuja, C. Anant Malviya, A. Awal Khan, L. Benjamin, D. Bonilla Maldonado, R. Bratspies, C. Bruch, M. Burger, C. Butler, A. Carlson, C. Cournil, P. Coventry, E. Daly, K. Davies, R. Dhingra, R.J. Donato Quan, E. Gebre, C. Guneratne, A.M. Hammadeen, B. Hudson, C. Iorns Magallanes, V. Karageorgou, A. Kariuki, A. Kenmogne Simo, J.H. Knox, G.J. Kounga, A. Kreilhuber, S. Lamdan, R. Libel Waldman, K.E. Makuch, S.-J.-T. Manga, P. Martin, J.R. May, A. Mboya, S.O. McKenzie, M.A. Mekouar, D. Misiedjan, E. Mrema, R. Mwanza, D.S. Olawuyi, N. Osborne, O.W. Pedersen, J. Pendergrass, M.-C. Petersmann, M. Prieur, S.R. Rajan, L. Reins, J.M. Rivero Godoy, D.N. Scott, A. Solntsev, M. Stevenson, D.B. Suagee, A. Thomas, S.J. Turner, G. Van Hoorick, L. Vandenhende, J. Wentz, W. Yun Santoso

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