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International Studies Review - Volume 24, Issue 3, September 2022

International Studies Review – Volume 24, Issue 3, September 2022

International Studies Review - Volume 24, Issue 3, September 2022

International Studies Review

Volume 24, Issue 3, September 2022

ISSN: 1521-9488, EISSN: 1468-2486

The International Studies Review (ISR) is a journal of the International Studies Association. It provides a window on current trends and research in international studies worldwide. Published four times a year, ISR is intended to help (a) scholars engage in the kind of dialogue and debate that will shape the field of international studies in the future; (b) graduate and undergraduate students understand major issues in international studies and identify promising opportunities for research; and (c) educators keep up with new ideas and research.


Analytical Essays
How to Pay Attention to the Words We Use: The Reflexive Review as a Method for Linguistic Reflexivity
Audrey Alejandro, Eleanor Knott

Career Pressures and Organizational Evil: A Novel Perspective on the Study of Organized Violence
Adam Scharpf, Christian Gläßel

The Concept of Anxiety in Ontological Security Studies
Nina C Krickel-Choi

Selling the Responsibility to Protect: The False Novelty but Real Impact of a Norm
Eglantine Staunton, Luke Glanville

Rediscovering Epistemic Coalitions Twenty Years Later: Using the International Olympic Committee to Build toward A Literature on Epistemic Institutionalism
Giuliano Espino

Using Data to Create Change? Interrogating the Role of Data in Ending Attacks on Healthcare
Larissa Fast, Róisín Read

A New Model of “Taboo”: Disgust, Stigmatization, and Fetishization
Michelle Bentley

The Middle East and North Africa in Political Science Scholarship: Analyzing Publication Patterns in Leading Journals, 1990–2019
Mark Stephen Berlin, Anum Pasha Syed

Economic Lawfare: The Logic and Dynamics of Using Law to Exercise Economic Power
Victor A Ferguson

Talk from the Top: Leadership and Self-Legitimation in International Organizations
Sarah von Billerbeck

Emergency: A Vernacular Contextual Approach
Bohdana Kurylo

Tipping Points: Challenges in Analyzing International Crisis Escalation
Chong Chen, Jordan Roberts, Shikshya Adhikari, Victor Asal, Kyle Beardsley …

Why Do Military Officers Condone Sexual Violence? A General Theory of Commander Tolerance
Changwook Ju

Sexuality, Gender, and the Colonial Violence of Humanitarian Intervention
Patrick Vernon

IR Theory and the Core–Periphery Structure of Global IR: Lessons from Citation Analysis
Thomas Risse, Wiebke Wemheuer-Vogelaar, Frank Havemann

Rethinking Tests of the IO Effectiveness Hypothesis: Evidence from Counter-Piracy Efforts in the Global South
Jonathan Ring, Gary Uzonyi

Where is Conflict Research? Western Bias in the Literature on Armed Violence
Brian J Phillips, Kevin T Greene

Understanding the Limits of Transnational NGO Power: Forms, Norms, and the Architecture
Hans Peter Schmitz, George E Mitchell

Intermediation between International Society and World Society: The Pope and the UN Secretary-General on “the Figure of the Refugee”
Jodok Troy

Book Reviews
Locating the Short Circuit: Everyday Peace as a Conduit for Conflict Disruption
Adam Kochanski

War without Boots
Georgi Asatryan, Jack Kalpakian

Issues and Strategies in a Managed Rivalry
David Robert Dreyer

Drones and the Study of Public Opinion: Continuity or Change?
Jonny Hall

Review Essay
Making Sense of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A Review Essay
Todd H Hall, Alanna Krolikowski

Forum: New Perspectives on Transnational Non-State Actors—A Forum Honoring the Work of Thomas Risse
Tobias Berger, Anna Holzscheiter, Anja Jetschke, Hans Peter Schmitz, Alejandro Esguerra

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