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Journal of Conflict & Security Law - Volume 26, Issue 1, Spring 2021

Journal of Conflict & Security Law – Volume 26, Issue 1, Spring 2021

Journal of Conflict & Security Law - Volume 26, Issue 1, Spring 2021

Journal of Conflict & Security Law

Volume 26, Issue 1, Spring 2021

Print ISSN: 1467-7954, Online ISSN: 1467-7962

The Journal of Conflict & Security Law (JCSL) is a thrice yearly peer-reviewed journal aimed at academics, government officials, military lawyers, and lawyers working in the area, as well as individuals interested in the areas of arms control law, armed conflict law and collective security law, and the interfaces between them.

JCSL covers the whole spectrum of international law relating to armed conflict from the pre-conflict stage when the issues include those of arms control, disarmament and conflict prevention, through to the outbreak of armed conflict and discussions on the legality of resort to force (jus ad bellum), to the coverage of the conduct of military operations and the protection of non-combatants by international humanitarian law (jus in bello). The international legal framework applicable to terrorism spans both the jus ad bellum and jus in bello. Treatment is also given to the conflict resolution stage, where the legal issues concern peace agreements, post-conflict rebuilding (jus post-bellum), territory, compensation and disarmament. Collective security mechanisms such as peacekeeping and military enforcement action are potentially applicable throughout


In Memory of Professor Rob Cryer

Revisiting the Legal Effect of General Assembly Resolutions: Can an Authorising Competence for the Assembly be Grounded in the Assembly’s ‘Established Practice’, ‘Subsequent Practice’ or Customary International Law?
Rebecca Barber

Alternative to the Existing Rule of Attribution for Use of Force by Non-State Actors in an Armed Conflict
Bulbul Khaitan

Thresholds in Flux—the Standard for Ascertaining the Requirement of Organization for Armed Groups under International Humanitarian Law
Yutaka Arai-Takahashi

The Role of Law in Enforcing Peace Agreements: Lessons Learned from Colombia
C Sophia Müller

El Coco Does Not Frighten Anymore: ICC Scrutiny and State Cooperation in Colombia
Marco Bocchese

Deconstructing Dud Disarmament Disputes
James D Fry, Saroj Nair

Towards a Right to Sustainable Security of Person in Times of Terrorism? Assessing Possibilities and Limitations Through a Critical Evaluation of Citizenship Stripping and Non-Repatriation Policies
Christophe Paulussen

Book Review
Marco Sassòli, International Humanitarian Law: Rules, Controversies and Solutions to Problems Arising in Warfare
Juan Padin

Ver también

Nicolas Boeglin

Gaza / Israel: a propósito de las nuevas medidas provisionales urgentes a Israel ordenadas por la Corte Internacional de Justicia (CIJ)

por Nicolas Boeglin, Profesor de Derecho Internacional Público, Facultad de Derecho,Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR). …