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The Law & Practice of International Courts and Tribunals

The Law & Practice of International Courts and Tribunals – Volume 20 (2021): Issue 1 (Mar 2021)

ISSN: 1571-8034

The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals is firmly established as the leading journal in its field. Each issue will give you the latest developments with respect to the preparation, adoption, suspension, amendment and revision of Rules of Procedure as well as statutory and internal rules and other related matters. The Journal will also provide you with the latest practice with respect to the interpretation and application of rules of procedure and constitutional documents, which can be found in judgments, advisory opinions, written and oral pleadings as well as legal literature.


Authors: Freya Baetens and Régis Bismuth

2020 Rosalyn Higgins Prize
Incidental Proceedings before the International Court of Justice: The Fine Line between “Litigation Strategy” and “Abuse of Process”
Author: Marie Lemey

Man, Land and Sea: Local Populations in Territorial and Maritime Disputes before the International Court of Justice
Author: Yusra Suedi

States’ Mouthpieces or Independent Practitioners? The Role of Counsel before the ICJ from the Perspective of the Legal Value of their Oral Pleadings
Author: Marco Longobardo

Inarticulate and Unconscious: Non-Justiciability before the International Court of Justice
Author: Anna John

Reappointment to International Courts and the Case of the EFTA Court
Author: Allan F. Tatham

Appointment and Dis-Appointment at the CJEU: Part I – The FV/Simpson Litigation
Author: Kieran Bradley

Living without the WTO Appellate Body – Procedural Developments in International Trade Dispute Settlement
Author: Andrea Hamann

Jurisdictional Challenges and Institutional Novelties – Procedural Developments in Law of the Sea Dispute Settlement in 2020
Authors: Massimo Lando and Nilüfer Oral

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Nicolas Boeglin

Gaza / Israël : à propos de la déclaration de la Palestine reconnaissant la compétence de la CIJ et demandant à intervenir en l’affaire Afrique du Sud contre Israël

Nicolas Boeglin, professeur de droit international public, Faculté de droit, Université du Costa Rica (UCR). …