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International Organizations Law Review

International Organizations Law Review – Volume 17 (2020): Issue 3 (Dec 2020)


International Organizations Law Review

Volume 17 (2020): Issue 3 (Dec 2020)

Print ISSN: 1572-3739, Online ISSN: 1572-3747

The International Organizations Law Review is a peer-reviewed journal that only publishes articles that have passed through an anonymous review process.

After the Second World War, the law of international organizations developed as a separate, but not separable, discipline within the sphere of public international law. The International Organizations Law Review functions as a discussion forum for both academics and practitioners active in this discpline. The Review offers two foci: one based in the world of scholarship and the other in the world of practice. Academic scholarship offered in the Review will focus on general and theoretical developments in international institutional law, while practitioner views offer a forum to identify and discuss legal developments within existing international organizations.


covid-19 and the Governance of International Organizations
Open Challenges
Author: Gian Luca Burci

Separation of Powers in the United Nations System?
Institutional Structure and the Rule of Law
Author: Miriam Cullen

The Role of Practice in International Organizations
The Case of Government Recognition by the International Monetary Fund
Author: Lorenzo Arditi

An Interim Post-Mortem
Specialised Courts in the EU Judicial Architecture after the Civil Service Tribunal
Author: Graham Butler

A Guardian of Universal Interest or Increasingly Out of Its Depth?
The International Seabed Authority Turns 25
Authors: Richard Collins and Duncan French

The Attribution Decision Adopted by the opcw’s Conference of States Parties and Its Legality
Author: Alexander Orakhelashvili

The International Responsibility of nato and Its Personnel during Military Operations, written by David Nauta
Author: Jan Klabbers

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