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International Studies Quarterly - Volume 64, Issue 4, December 2020

International Studies Quarterly – Volume 64, Issue 4, December 2020

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International Studies Quarterly

Volume 64, Issue 4, December 2020

ISSN: 0020-8833, EISSN: 1468-2478

International Studies Quarterly (ISQ) is the flagship journal of the International Studies Association. It seeks to publish leading scholarship that engages with significant theoretical, empirical, and normative subjects in international studies. More detailed information about the journal’s guidelines and policies is available here.


The Politics of Aspiration
Martha Finnemore, Michelle Jurkovich

Backlash and Judicial Restraint: Evidence from the European Court of Human Rights
Øyvind Stiansen, Erik Voeten

Reserving Rights: Explaining Human Rights Treaty Reservations
Kelebogile Zvobgo, Wayne Sandholtz, Suzie Mulesky

Global Club Goods and the Fragmented Global Financial Safety Net
Michael A Gavin

The Short and Long(er) of It: The Effect of Hard Times on Regional Institutionalization
Yoram Z Haftel, Daniel F Wajner, Dan Eran

Emergent Flexibility in Institutional Development: How International Rules Really Change
Zoltán I Búzás, Erin R Graham

Remaining Seized of the Matter: UN Resolutions and Peace Implementation
Matthew Hauenstein, Madhav Joshi

Shaking Hands with the Internal Enemy: Democracy and Civil Conflict Settlement
Omer Zarpli

Excluded Ethnic Groups, Conflict Contagion, and the Onset of Genocide and Politicide during Civil War
Gary Uzonyi, Burak Demir

Restoring Legitimacy: Public Diplomacy Campaigns during Civil Wars
Eleonora Mattiacci, Benjamin T Jones

Peace Above the Glass Ceiling: The Historical Relationship between Female Political Empowerment and Civil Conflict
Sirianne Dahlum, Tore Wig

Emergency Powers and the Heterogeneity of Terror in Democratic States
Bryan Rooney

From Shame to New Name: How Naming and Shaming Creates Pro-Government Militias
Lora DiBlasi

Dispute by Design? Legalization, Backlash, and the Drafting of Investment Agreements
Tarald Laudal Berge

Trading Arguments: Opinion Updating in the Context of International Trade Agreements
Gabriele Spilker, Quynh Nguyen, Thomas Bernauer

International Trade and Public Protest: Evidence from Russian Regions
Tabea Palmtag, Tobias Rommel, Stefanie Walter

Sunshine or Curse? Foreign Direct Investment, the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, and Individual Corruption Experiences in Africa
Samuel Brazys, Andreas Kotsadam

Authoritarian Aid and Regime Durability: Soviet Aid to the Developing World and Donor–Recipient Institutional Complementarity and Capacity
Christopher Heurlin

From Text to Political Positions on Foreign Aid: Analysis of Aid Mentions in Party Manifestos from 1960 to 2015
Simone Dietrich, Helen V Milner, Jonathan B Slapin

Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 17? An Empirical Investigation of the Effectiveness of Aid Given to Boost Developing Countries’ Tax Revenue and Capacity
Laura Seelkopf, Ida Bastiaens

Authoritarianism as an Institution? The Case of Central Asia
Filippo Costa Buranelli

Promises under Pressure: Statements of Reassurance in US Alliances
Brian Blankenship


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