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International Affairs - Volume 96, Issue 2, March 2020

International Affairs – Volume 96, Issue 2, March 2020

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International Affairs

Volume 96, Issue 2, March 2020

ISSN: 0020-5850, EISSN: 1468-2346

International Affairs is one of the world’s leading journals of international relations and one of the few to cover the entire discipline. Founded by and edited at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, it has been in existence for over 90 years and has become renowned for its academically rigorous, practitioner-focused scholarship.

Over the years it has featured articles not only from many of the leading international relations scholars but also from those rising in the profession. This lively and provocative journal will keep you up to date with latest critical thinking on the key issues shaping today’s world. Whatever your level and area of interest, you will find International Affairs readable, informative and stimulating.


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Engaging religions and religious studies in international affairs
Introduction: engaging religions and religious studies in international affairs
Katherine E Brown

Religious violence, gender and post-secular counterterrorism
Katherine E Brown

Unpacking the role of religion in political transnationalism: the case of the Shi’a Iraqi diaspora since 2003
Oula Kadhum

Global aid and faith actors: the case for an actor-orientated approach to the ‘turn to religion’
Emma Tomalin

Mapping the field of religious environmental politics
Jeremy Kidwell

The politics of hope: privilege, despair and political theology
Caron E Gentry

Original Articles
Immature leadership: Donald Trump and the American presidency
Daniel W Drezner

Wartime paradigms and the future of western military power
Olivier Schmitt

The great Chinese surprise: the rupture with the United States is real and is happening
Xiangfeng Yang

Children ‘born of war’: a role for fathers?
Camile Oliveira, Erin Baines

Civil society perspectives on sexual violence in conflict: patriarchy and war strategy in Colombia
Anne-Kathrin Kreft

The Security Council’s peacekeeping trilemma
Paul D Williams

Influencing the social impact of financial systems: alternative strategies
Lee-Anne Sim

Book reviews
International Relations theory
Revisiting gendered states: feminist imaginings of the state in international relations
Rebecca Sanders

Anatomies of revolution
Horia M Dijmarescu

International history
Historiographical investigations in International Relations
Biao Zhang

The great cauldron: a history of southeastern Europe
Bogdan C Iacob

Governance, law and ethics
The prevention of torture: an ecological approach
Sonya Sceats

Computational propaganda: political parties, politicians, and political manipulation on social media
Emily Bienvenue

Cyber espionage and international law
David Bentley

Conflict, security and defence
The commander’s dilemma: violence and restraint in war
Abbey Steele

The handbook of European defence policies and armed forces
Janne Haaland Matlary

No go world: how fear is redrawing our maps and infecting our politics
Tim Willasey-Wilsey

Political economy, economics and development
Resurgent Asia: diversity in development
Ramesh Thakur

The Jungle: Calais’s camps and migrants
Kelsey Norman

Documents on British policy overseas, series III, volume XII: Britain and the revolutions in eastern Europe, 1989
Kristina Spohr

A history of Yugoslavia
Spyros Economides

Race and the undeserving poor: from abolition to Brexit
Leah de Haan

Russia and Eurasia
The lands in between: Russia vs. the West and the new politics of hybrid war
Tracey German

The Russian understanding of war: blurring the lines between war and peace
John A Pennell

Middle East and North Africa
Hezbollah: mobilisation and power
Filippo Dionigi

Sub-Saharan Africa
African dominion: A new history of empire in early and medieval west Africa; African kings and black slaves: sovereignty and dispossession in the early modern Atlantic; Caravans of gold, fragments in time: art, culture, and exchange across medieval Saharan Africa
Herman T Salton

South Asia
Many rivers, one sea: Bangladesh and the challenge of Islamist militancy
Avinash Paliwal

East Asia and Pacific
Common enemies: crime, policy, and politics in Australia–Indonesia relations
Maryanne Kelton

Rebel politics: a political sociology of armed struggle in Myanmar’s borderlands
Anna Plunkett

Asymmetrical neighbors: borderland state building between China and southeast Asia
Junyan Chen

North America
Representation, recognition and respect in world politics: the case of Iran–US relations
Claire Yorke

Planning to fail: the US wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan; Why America loses wars: limited war and US strategy from the Korean War to the present
Andrew Payne

Latin America and the Caribbean
Borderland battles: violence, crime, and governance at the edges of Colombia’s war
Tom Long

End Matter
Books reviewed March 2020

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