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Journal of Human Rights & the Environment

Journal of Human Rights and the Environment (JHRE) – Now accepting submissions for Volume 12 and beyond

The Journal of Human Rights and the Environment (JHRE) warmly welcomes submissions for the upcoming issues in Volumes 12 and beyond.

The relationship between human rights and the environment is fascinating, uneasy and increasingly urgent. This international journal provides a strategic academic forum for an extended interdisciplinary and multi-layered conversation that explores emergent possibilities, existing tensions, and multiple implications of entanglements between human and non-human forms of liveliness.

We invite critical engagements on these themes, especially as refracted through human rights and environmental law, politics, policy-making and community level activisms.

All submissions will be double-blind peer reviewed, and should be no more than 10,000 words inclusive of references and prepared in accordance with the journal’s house style guidelines. Authors of articles accepted for publication will be asked to sign the journal’s standard Contributor Agreement.

Submissions should be made through the online portal: www.manuscriptmanager.net/jhre

We look forward to hearing from you.

Anna Grear, Julia Dehm & Samvel Varvastian
Editor-in-Chief, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor

Upcoming Themes

JHRE invites contributions along the following themes:

Special Issue: From Student Strikes to the Extinction Rebellion: New Protest Movements Shaping Our Future (guest edited by Benjamin J. Richardson). (Submission for this issue should be sent by 31 March 2020)

Vol 12.1: Critical Approaches to Sustainable Development (Submission for this issue should be sent by 1 June 2020)

Vol 12.2: New Materialism (Submissions for this issue should be sent 1 September 2020)

Vol 13.1: States, Corporations and Commons: Dissonance and Disaccord (Submission for this issue should be sent by 1 March 2021)

Vol 13.2: The concept of equity in environmental law (Submissions for this issue should be sent by 1 September 2021)

Information for authors can be found at www.elgaronline.com/jhre, and submission should be made via www.manuscriptmanager.net/jhre

Special Issue: From Student Strikes to the Extinction Rebellion: New Protest Movements Shaping our Future

There will be a special edition of the journal and an accompanying monograph to explore new environmental protest movements, including their goals, tactics and leverage in advancing political and legal action on climate change and other planetary crises.

Across many countries recently, thousands of school children have taken to the streets to demand action on global warming. While lacking power at the ballot box, these youth have generated considerable media coverage and public debate.

These developments build on a long tradition of grassroots activism, notably the Occupy Movement, and the anti-globalization and anti-nuclear movements of recent decades, but bring into focus the role of new participants, like school children, and distinctive tactics, such as the hyper-aesthetic character of protest actions. Concurrently, some governments have recently introduced measures aimed at thwarting environmental activism, including anti-protest laws that criminalize some forms of protest that occupy civic spaces or disrupt businesses.

JHRE calls for articles that address the role of protest movements shaping our future, and in particular welcomes contributions that critically investigate one or more of the following issues:

  • The grievances of new protest movements relating to democratic deficits in government decision making that have provoked such activism.
    • The framing of a climate or planetary ‘emergency’ that XR and other activists are pushing.
    • Protest tactics, including as moral crusaders and aesthetic activists.
    • The efficacy of protest in leveraging change and forcing climate change action into the mainstream.
    • Case studies on specific protest events or groups.
    • The role and impact of anti-protest laws challenging environmental activism.
    • Ideas for reform of political and legal institutions to represent youth and future generations in environmental governance today.

The deadline for submission of articles is 31st March 2020, and prospective authors are welcome to contact in advance the guest editor Professor Benjamin J. Richardson for advice.

Submission of final articles should be via the online portal: www.manuscriptmanager.net/jhre

All accepted submissions will concurrently also be published by Edward Elgar in a separate monograph, edited by Professor Richardson.

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