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International Organization - Volume 74 - Issue 1 - Winter 2020

International Organization – Volume 74 – Issue 1 – Winter 2020


International Organization

Volume 74 – Issue 1 – Winter 2020

ISSN: 0020-8183 (Print), 1531-5088 (Online)

Published on behalf of the International Organization Foundation

International Organization is a leading peer-reviewed journal that covers the entire field of international affairs. Subject areas include: foreign policies, international relations, international and comparative political economy, security policies, environmental disputes and resolutions, European integration, alliance patterns and war, bargaining and conflict resolution, economic development and adjustment, and international capital movements.


Research Article
The Political Economy of Bilateral Bailouts
Christina J. Schneider, Jennifer L. Tobin

Mingling and Strategic Augmentation of International Legal Obligations
Tonya L. Putnam

International Order in Historical East Asia: Tribute and Hierarchy Beyond Sinocentrism and Eurocentrism
David C. Kang

The Price of Peace: Motivated Reasoning and Costly Signaling in International Relations
Joshua D. Kertzer, Brian C. Rathbun, Nina Srinivasan Rathbun

Public Opinion and Decisions About Military Force in Democracies
Michael Tomz, Jessica L.P. Weeks, Keren Yarhi-Milo

Dangerous Contenders: Election Monitors, Islamic Opposition Parties, and Terrorism
Kerim Can Kavakli, Patrick M. Kuhn

Barriers to Trade: How Border Walls Affect Trade Relations
David B. Carter, Paul Poast

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