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Baltic Yearbook of International Law Online - Volume 17 (2020): Issue 1 (Dec 2020)

Baltic Yearbook of International Law Online – Volume 17 (2020): Issue 1 (Dec 2020)


Baltic Yearbook of International Law Online

Volume 17 (2020): Issue 1 (Dec 2020)

Online ISSN: 2211-5897, ISSN: 1569-6456

The Baltic Yearbook of International Law joined the family of legal publications in 2001. It is an annual publication containing contributions on topical issues in international law and related fields that are relevant to Baltic affairs and beyond. Each Yearbook focuses on a theme with particular importance to the development of international law. The Yearbook serves as an important source of information not available elsewhere on the practices of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in international law.
Despite a clear Baltic ownership, the Yearbook aims at contributing to the development of thought, standard-setting and relevant practices throughout the world. The topical coverage has included the questions surrounding the claims of the Baltic States to their State continuity in international law; related issues of State responsibility; various challenges in international human rights law with focus on bioethics and human rights; and the enlargement of the European Union.


Principles and Pragmatism in State Succession: Bargaining in the Economic Affairs Commission of the Tartu Peace Conference
By: Hent Kalmo

On the Borders of Law, History and Politics: Estonian Statesman Jüri Jaakson’s Views and Life in Context
By: Jaanika Erne

One Hundred Years of Faith: The Baltic States’ Contribution to International Justice
By: Rytis Satkauskas

A Century of the Baltic States’ Independence: Some Similarities and Differences with Bulgaria
By: Gabriela Belova and Nikolay Marin

Finland’s Continuation War (1941–1944): War of Aggression or Defence? War of Alliance or Separate War?
Analyzed from the International – Especially Legal – Perspective
By: Lauri Hannikainen

Application of Domestic Criminal Statutes in regard to International Crimes
By: Andres Parmas

Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights as a Source of Human Rights Law
By: Ineta Ziemele

Human Dignity in an Age of Autonomous Weapons: Are We in Danger of Losing an ‘Elementary Consideration of Humanity’?
By: Ozlem Ulgen

Vulnerability as a Virtue: An Attempt to Transpose the Care Ethic in International Law
By: Marion Blondel

Republic of Estonia Materials on International Law 2016

Republic of Latvia Materials on International Law 2016

Republic of Lithuania Materials on International Law 2017

Preliminary Materials
By: Editors Baltic Yearbook of International Law Online

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