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Journal of Human Rights & the Environment

Journal of Human Rights and the Environment – Volume 10 – Issue 2: (September 2019)

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Journal of Human Rights and the Environment

Volume 10 – Issue 2: (September 2019)

Online ISSN 1759-7196, Print ISSN 1759-7188

The relationship between human rights and the environment is fascinating, uneasy and increasingly urgent. This international journal provides a strategic academic forum for an extended interdisciplinary and multi-layered conversation that explores emergent possibilities, existing tensions, and multiple implications of entanglements between human and non-human forms of liveliness. We invite critical engagements on these themes, especially as refracted through human rights and environmental law, politics, policy-making and community level activisms.


Editorial: Technifications, appropriations, and environmental risk and damage: the search for responsibility
Anna Grear

Holocene jurisprudence
Alain Pottage

Environmental robot virtues and ecological justice
Justin Donhauser

Silencing, consultation and indigenous descriptions of the world
Dina Lupin Townsend

Harnessing the transformative potential of the constitutional human right to a clean and healthy environment in the context of corporate environmental damage in Kenya: a critical perspective
Rosemary Mutheu Mwanza

Book review: Sébastien Jodoin, Forest Preservation in a Changing Climate: REDD+ and Indigenous and Community Rights in Indonesia and Tanzania (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2017) 252 pp.
Benoît Mayer

Book review: Benoît Mayer and François Crépeau (eds), Research Handbook on Climate Change, Migration and the Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham 2017) 512 pp.
Melina Duarte

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