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Human Rights Quarterly - Volume 41, Number 4, November 2019

Human Rights Quarterly – Volume 41, Number 4, November 2019

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Human Rights Quarterly

Volume 41, Number 2, May 2019

ISSN: 0275-0392

Human Rights Quarterly (HRQ) is widely recognized as the leader in the field of human rights. For more than a quarter of a century, HRQ has published articles by experts from around the world writing for the specialist and non-specialist alike. The Quarterly provides up-to-date information on important developments within the United Nations and regional human rights organizations, both governmental and non-governmental. It presents current work in human rights research and policy analysis, reviews of related books, and philosophical essays probing the fundamental nature of human rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. HRQ has been nominated for the prestigious National Magazine Award for reporting.


Sacrificing Women and Immigrants on the Altar of Regressive Politics
Dina Francesca Haynes

Indigeneity as Social Construct and Political Tool
Benjamin Gregg

Rise and Fall of Universal Civil Jurisdiction
Anna Su

Routine Impunity as Practice (in Myanmar)
Nick Cheesman

Bombs, Trials, and Rights: Norm Complexity and the Evolution of Liberal Intervention Practices
Caroline Fehl

Against the Human Right to Water?
Michael Tiboris

Protection Against Violence: The Challenges of Incorporating Human Rights’ Standards to Procedural Law
Lorena Sosa, Johanna Niemi, Suzan van der Aa

Outline of a Diplomatic Leader in the International Community: Hernán Santa Cruz and his Works at the United Nations
Erna Ulloa Castillo, Cristian Medina Valverde

Pengchun Chang’s Contributions to International Human Rights in Global Governance
Pinghua Sun

Book Reviews
Foreigners on America’s Death Rows: The Legal Combat Over Access to a Consul by John Quigley (review)
Sandra Babcock

Women, Poverty, Equality: The Role of CEDAW by Meghan Campbell (review)
Dáire McCormack-George

Losing Trust in the World: Holocaust Scholars Confront Torture ed. by Leonard Grob & John K. Roth (review)
William F. Schulz

Women in the Crossfire: Understanding and Ending Honor Killing by Robert Paul Churchill (review)
Sital Kalantry

The Novel of Human Rights by James Dawes (review)
Lena L. Khor

Bugsplat: The Politics of Collateral Damage in Western Armed Conflicts by Bruce Cronin (review)
Thomas W. Smith

Life Imprisonment: A Global Human Rights Analysis by Dirk van Zyl Smit & Catherine Appleton (review)
Roger S. Clark


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