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International Project Finance

International Project Finance


International Project Finance

Law and Practice

Third Edition

ISBN: 9780198832850 (Hardcover)
Publicado: 14 October 2019
Páginas: 704

Now in its third edition, International Project Finance is the definitive guide to legal and practical issues relating to international projects.

The book considers the application of English and New York law in cross-border documentation and legal and practical matters associated with running financing projects in civil law jurisdictions. Different sources of funding are also examined, such as banking and international bond documentation, and Islamic financing practice, in particular the use of Murabaha financing techniques and Sukuk (Islamic bond) market. This includes the legal and documentation issues arising from the use of such financing techniques and how they interact with each other from a legal and contractual perspective. Equally significant, the book provides analysis of project defaults and work-outs giving guidance on how to manage projects when these circumstances arise. The book also contains extensive coverage of dispute resolution in international projects.

New to this edition is a chapter on development finance institutions covering the work of bodies such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank. This chapter explains the key roles played by these institutions in international project finance, especially in emerging markets. It covers the key policy issues and the impact of such policies on project finance documentation.

As well as addressing the basic principles which affect the structuring and documentation of project financings, the book also explains structural, legal and contractual differences between the various sectors such as transportation, infrastructure/Public Private Partnerships, conventional, renewable and nuclear power, mining, and oil and gas. Telcommunications, including broadband, are covered in more detail in a separate section for this edition.

This book provides the context of international project finance which underpins the understanding of legal analysis in this area. It includes detailed guidance on practical issues such as the identification and assessment of project risk, together with relevant documentation such as risk matrices and checklists covering both key project contracts and the major terms of a project financing. With its focus on international projects and emphasis on the practical application of the law, this book is an essential reference work for all practitioners in the field.


1. Legal Issues, Phillip Fletcher
2. Project Participants & Structuring, Aled Davies, Andrew Pendleton
3. Sources of Funding, Clive Ransome, Ben Pridgeon
4. Project Risks, John Dewar, Suzanne Szczetnikowicz, Jonathan Roberts
5. Allocation of Risks, John Dewar, Chris Taufatofua
6. Insurance, Martin Benatar, Munib Hussain
7. Principal Loan Documents, Patrick Holmes, Robert Thompson
8. Official Funding: Export Credit Agencies, Alexander Borisoff, Andrew Pendleton
9. Official Funding: Multilateral and Development Finance Agencies, John Dewar, Felicia Hanson Ofori-Quaah
10. Documentation of Project Bonds, Timothy Peterson, Rebecca Marques
11. Islamic Project Finance, John Dewar, Munib Hussain
12. Ancillary Finance Documents, Patrick Holmes, Robert Thompson
13. Project Finance in Civil Law Jurisdiction, Jean-Marie Cazali, Kilian de Cintre
14. International Projects – Sector Focus
A. Oil and Gas, Aled Davies, James Orme
B. Mining Projects, Alexander K. Borisoff, Manzer Ijaz, Emily Whittaker
C. Conventional Power, James J. Murray, Andrew Gibb
D. Renewable Energy, Allan T. Marks, Jenna Darler
E. Financing Nuclear Power Projects, Clive Ransome, Seyda Duman, Paul Murphy
F. Infrastructure/PPP, Allan T. Marks, Timothy Wendling
G. Telecommunications, John Dewar, Ben Pridgeon
15. Defaults and Workouts: Restructuring Project Financings, Nick Angel, Kate Coleman, Suzanne Szczetnikowicz
16. Dispute Resolution in Project Finance Transactions, Michael Nolan, Tom Canning, Erin Culbertson, Paul Kinninmont


John Dewar is a partner at Milbank LLP, and a member of the Project Finance Group. Mr. Dewar’s practice centres on project and structured finance transactions in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Over the last 20 years, he has acted for both lenders and sponsors in a wide range of industries, including power, oil and gas, LNG, petrochemicals, satellites, telecommunications, water, infrastructure and mining. Mr. Dewar attended Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge (1988) and the College of Law, Guildford (1989). He is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales.


John Dewar
Phillip Fletcher
Aled Davies
Andrew Pendleton
Clive Ransome
Ben Pridgeon
Suzanne Szczetnikowicz
Jonathan Roberts
Chris Taufatofua
Martin Benatar
Munib Hussain
Patrick Holmes
Vicky May
Alexander Borisoff
Andrew Pendleton
Felicia Hanson Ofori-Quaah
Timothy Peterson
Rebecca Marques
Munib Hussain
Patrick Holmes
Robert Thompson
Jean-Marie Cazali
Kilian de Cintre
Aled Davies
James Orme
Alexander K. Borisoff
Manzer Ijaz
Emily Whittaker
James J. Murray
Andrew Gibb
Allan T. Marks
Jenna Darler
Clive Ransome
Seyda Duman
Paul Murphy
Allan T. Marks
Timothy Wendling
Nick Angel
Kate Coleman
Michael Nolan
Tom Canning
Erin Culbertson
Paul Kinninmont

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