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Security and Human Rights

Security and Human Rights


Security and Human Rights

Editor(s): Benjamin J Goold, Liora Lazarus

ISBN: 9781849467308
Publicado: 05-09-2019
Páginas: 536

This is the second edition of the acclaimed Security and Human Rights, first published in 2007. Reconciling issues of security with a respect for fundamental human rights has become one of the key challenges facing governments throughout the world. The first edition broke the disciplinary confines in which security was often analysed before and after the events of 11 September 2001. The second edition continues in this tradition, presenting a collection of essays from leading academics and practitioners in the fields of criminal justice, public law, privacy law, international law, and critical social theory. The collection offers genuinely multidisciplinary perspectives on the relationship between security and human rights. In addition to exploring how the demands of security might be reconciled with the protection of established rights, Security and Human Rights provides fresh insight into the broader legal and political challenges that lie ahead as states attempt to control crime, prevent terrorism, and protect their citizens. The volume features a set of new essays that engage with the most pressing questions facing security and human rights in the twenty-first century and is essential reading for all those working in the area.


1. Security and Human Rights: Finding a Language of Resilience and Inclusion
Liora Lazarus and Benjamin J Goold

2. Torture and Othering
Natasa Mavronicola
3. Their Bodies, Ourselves: Muslim Women’s Clothing at the Intersection of Rights, Security, and Extremism
Rumee Ahmed and Ayesha S Chaudhry
4. The Uses of Religious Identity, Practice, and Dogma in ‘Soft’ and ‘Hard’ Counterterrorism
Aziz Z Huq
5. Curtailing Citizenship Rights as Counterterrorism
Lucia Zedner
6. Trusted Travellers and Trojan Horses: Security, Privacy, and Privilege at the Border
Benjamin J Goold

7. Secrecy as a Meta-paradigmatic Challenge
Liora Lazarus
8. Accountability Mechanisms for Transnational Counterterrorism
Kent Roach
9. Security and Human Rights after the Nationalist Backlash
Victor V Ramraj
10. The Demise of Rights as Trumps
Robert Diab
11. Violence, Human Rights, and Security
Chetan Bhatt

12. Privacy versus Security: Regulating Data Collection and Retention in Europe
Arianna Vedaschi
13. Anonymity for Victims at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Security and Human Rights at Work in International Criminal Justice
Juan-Pablo Pérez-León-Acevedo
14. The Legal Death of Rebellion: Counterterrorism Laws and the Shrinking Legal Freedom of Violent Political Resistance
Ben Saul
15. Indirectly Inciting Terrorism? Crimes of Expression and the Limits of the Law
Helen Duffy and Kate Pitcher

16. Oversight of the State of Emergency in France
Marc-Antoine Granger
17. Bounded Factuality: The Targeted Killing of Salah Shehadeh and the Legal Epistemology of Risk
Shiri Krebs
18. Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism: The Security–Prevention Complex
Andreas Armborst
19. Security and Human Rights in the Context of Forced Migration
David Irvine and Travers McLeod


Benjamin J Goold

Benjamin J Goold is a Professor of Law at the University of British Columbia.

Liora Lazarus

Liora Lazarus is an Associate Professor in Law at the University of Oxford, Member of the Centre for Criminological Research and a Fellow of St Anne’s College.

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