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UN General Assembly Adopts the Optional Protocol to ICESCR

UN General Assembly Adopts the Optional Protocol to ICESCR On 10 December the UN General Assembly at its plenary meeting unanimously adopted an Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The Protocol is undoubtedly a milestone in the history of the universal human rights system. …

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Pittsburgh Agreement 1918

“We approve the political program, which endeavors to bring about a union of the Czechs and Slovaks in an independent state comprising the Czech lands and Slovakia. “Slovakia will have its own administration, its parliament and its courts. “The Slovak language will be the official language in schools and in …

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El Mensaje de Adiós (Farewell Address) de George Washington, de 1796

Friends and Citizens: The period for a new election of a citizen to administer the executive government of the United States being not far distant, and the time actually arrived when your thoughts must be employed in designating the person who is to be clothed with that important trust, it …

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