viernes, febrero 26, 2021

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European Charter on Environment and Health

Preamble In the light of WHO’s strategy for health for all in Europe, the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development and the related Environmental Perspective to the Year 2000 and Beyond (resolutions 42/187 and 42/186 of the United Nations General Assembly) and World Health Assembly resolution WHA42.26, …

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European Charter of Fundamental Rights

PREAMBLE The peoples of Europe, in creating an ever closer union among them, are resolved to share a peaceful future based on common values. Conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity; it is based …

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Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism

The member States of the Council of Europe and the other Signatories hereto,Considering that the aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve greater unity between its members;Recognising the value of reinforcing co-operation with the other Parties to this Convention;Wishing to take effective measures to prevent terrorism and to …

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Convention on relations between the Three Powers and the Federal Republic of Germany (Bonn, 26 May 1952)

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND and THE FRENCH REPUBLIC, of the one part, and THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, of the other part; WHEREAS a peaceful and prosperous European community of nations firmly bound to the other free nations of the …

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