miércoles, abril 14, 2021

Archivo de Etiquetas: Contracting State

Arab Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism

Preamble The Arab states signatory hereto, Desiring to promote mutual cooperation in the suppression of terrorist offences, which pose a threat to the security and stability of the Arab Nation and endanger its vital interests, Being committed to the highest moral and religious principles and, in particular, to the tenets …

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Convention of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference on Combating International Terrorism

The Member States of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Pursuant to the tenets of the tolerant Islamic Sharia which reject all forms of violence and terrorism, and in particular specially those based on extremism and call for protection of human rights, which provisions are parallelled by the principles and …

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Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment

AWARE of the need to acquire and use mobile equipment of high value or particular economic significance and to facilitate the financing of the acquisition and use of such equipment in an efficient manner, RECOGNISING the advantages of asset-based financing and leasing for this purpose and desiring to facilitate these …

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Agreement for the Suppression of the Circulation of Obscene Publications (1910)

The Governments of the Powers hereinafter named, being equally desirous of facilitating, so far as their respective laws permit, the interchange of information for the purpose of the discovery and suppression of offences relating to obscene publications, have resolved to conclude an Agreement for that purpose, and have accordingly appointed …

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