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Journal of Conflict Resolution - Volume 64 Issue 5, May 2020

Journal of Conflict Resolution – Volume 64 Issue 5, May 2020

Greater Goods: Morality and Attitudes toward the Use of Nuclear Weapons
Brian C. Rathbun, Rachel Stein

Refugees, Mobilization, and Humanitarian Aid: Evidence from the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon
Daniel Masterson, M. Christian Lehmann

Angry or Weary? How Violence Impacts Attitudes toward Peace among Darfurian Refugees
Chad Hazlett

Battle Diffusion Matters: Examining the Impact of Microdynamics of Fighting on Conflict Termination
Gaku Ito, Kaisa Hinkkainen Elliott

The Ties That Bind: Ethnicity, Pro-government Militia, and the Dynamics of Violence in Civil War
Luke Abbs, Govinda Clayton, Andrew Thomson

The Security Consequences of Bearing Witness
James Meernik, Kimi King

From Rallies to Riots: Why Some Protests Become Violent
Brandon Ives, Jacob S. Lewis

Political Risk Insurance: A New Firm-level Data Set
Vincent Arel-Bundock, Clint Peinhardt, Amy Pond

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