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History and International Law

History and International Law


History and International Law

An Intertwined Relationship

Edited by Annalisa Ciampi, Professor of International Law, University of Verona, Italy

ISBN: 978 1 78897 748 7
Publicado: 2019
Páginas: 232

eISBN: 978 1 78897 749 4
Publicado: 2019
Páginas: 232

There is a deep and multifaceted relationship between international law and history – political events have legal implications, and international norms and institutions may influence the course of history. This incisive book unveils and illuminates this nexus, providing examples from a wide range of domains of global governance.
Analysing this intertwined relationship with particular reference to international human rights, humanitarian and criminal law, this timely book features contributions from leading scholars and practitioners in international law, history and diplomacy. History and International Law, with a foreword by ICJ Judge Giorgio Gaja, covers topics ranging from the connections between current and historical events and human rights protection in the EU, to the ways in which ICC investigations and prosecutions continue to affect political developments in Africa. The authors offer examples of original analysis, establishing innovative paradigms of interdisciplinary research in the field.
International lawyers and academics will find this book both useful and insightful. It will also prove valuable to scholars and students of the history of international law, diplomacy and international relations.


Giorgio Gaja

1. Creative Forces and Institution Building in International Law
Rolf Einar Fife
2. Eastern Europe’s Imprint on Modern International Law
Stefan Troebst

3. History, Isolation and Effectiveness of International Human Rights Law
Annalisa Ciampi
4. EU Human Rights Law and History: A Tale of Three Narratives
Sionaidh Douglas-Scott

Part III History, International Humanitarian LAW AND INTERNATIONAL Criminal Law
5. ‘Treaty after Trauma’: ‘Protection for All’ in the Fourth Geneva Convention
Gilad Ben-Nun
6. History and Core International Crimes: Friends or Foes?
Olympia Bekou
7. ‘Imaginary Trials’: The Legacy of the ICTY in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia
Katarina Ristic
8. The Rise and Demise of the ICC Relationship with African States and the AU
Erika de Wet, Gilad Ben-Nun, Olympia Bekou, Annalisa Ciampi, Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, Rolf Einar Fife, Katarina Ristic, Stefan Troebst, Erika de Wet


O. Bekou, G. Ben-Nun, A. Ciampi, E. de Wet, S. Douglas-Scott, R.E. Fife, K. Ristic, S. Troebst

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