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European Journal of International Security - Volume 4 - Issue 3 - October 2019

European Journal of International Security – Volume 4 – Issue 3 – October 2019


European Journal of International Security

Volume 4 – Issue 3 – October 2019

ISSN: 2057-5637 (Print), 2057-5645 (Online)

The European Journal of International Security (EJIS) publishes theoretical, methodological and empirical papers at the cutting-edge of security research. Welcoming high quality research from around the world, EJIS covers all areas of international security, including: conflict and peacebuilding; strategy and warfare; environmental and food security; economic and energy security; human and everyday security; technology and security; and security governance. The journal is particularly concerned to make connections and build bridges, both between different disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, but also across regional boundaries.

EJIS publishes rigorous, peer-reviewed papers that significantly advance scholarship through original analysis of a salient policy issue, the exploitation of new data, and/or the innovative development and application of theory. In addition to EJIS is also home to occasional high-impact special issues and an annual book review symposium, as well as hosting a regular Junior-Senior dialogue section


Research Article
Security compositions
Jonathan Luke Austin

Visual autoethnography and international security: Insights from the Korean DMZ
Roland Bleiker

Military techno-vision: Technologies between visual ambiguity and the desire for security facts
Rune Saugmann

Sticky security: the collages of tracking device advertising
Anna Leander

Composting and computing: On digital security compositions
Rocco Bellanova, Gloria González Fuster

Architecture as event space: Violence, securitisation, and resistance
Michael J. Shapiro

Secrecy’s subjects: Special operators in the US shadow war
Elspeth Van Veeren

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